Red Stars


Lyrics to: “La Habanera” – from Bizet’s Carmen. Love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame, and you call him quite in vain if it suits him not to come. Nothing helps, neither threat nor prayer. One man talks well, the other keeps quiet. It's the other one that I prefer, he's said nothing, but I like him. Love is a gypsy child; he has never, ever, known the law. If you love me not, then I love you; and if I love you, you better watch out! (…) The bird you thought you had caught beat its wings and flew away. Love stays away, you can wait for it; when you stop waiting, there it is! All around you, swift, swift, it comes, goes, then it returns, you think you hold it fast, it flees, you think you're free, it holds you fast. Mars is opposed. Handle with care.