Red Stars


A meditative detachment from the noise of the world. Looking for the sound that vibrates in harmony with your soul. You feel lost when you are in the middle of the world, when you mingle with a shapeless mass that chooses, in many cases, to adhere to a neurosis in order to find a balance. A morbid game that is not your thing, as it obliges to cling to something and build an identity over it. Losing one’s identity is a much better option, if it’s a jaded compromise. It is much better to regain one’s space, rising triumphantly the banner of absence, of emptiness, of not being, of “being nothing” and as a consequence, of , “being all”. Being one thing with oneself , in solitude, in the pure contemplation of a soul that is the soul of the universe, a condition in which pleasure and pain talk to one another, and become indistinct, like waves in the same sea. Star Sign Mantra: my moments are the pure infinite: they stop time, they carry me away. My moments are moments of pure love, which I would like you to savour. Come and get me, out of this world, where there are no rules and I remain the exception.