Red Stars


The assertion of willpower is what makes you feel closer to concrete reality. And it is precisely your willpower that scares you more than anything else. Its power, its relentlessness, its ability to eliminate, relinquish, change direction abruptly, are valid reasons to wait, to not decide, to be undecided. The revolution is a matter you like, almost too much, but it is always waiting for the right moment. If you were only the winged head of a angel without the body, postponing would be acceptable, just like clinging to a representation of reality rather than to reality itself. But the body and willpower call from inside with so much arrogance that looking at yourself only from the outside is too much of a limitation. You feel alive. A feeling you must calibrate. With your usual grace. Star Sign Mantra: a convenient position to wait, open to every gift that life wants to give. The revolution, if it takes place, will be complete: of everything and of nothing, of black and of white. My revolution will be to eliminate the choice, and reach Everything.