Red Stars


The name of Antonio Salieri (18-08-1750) in our imagination is forever associated with his alleged rivalry with W. A. Mozart (whose star sign was its opposite, Aquarius), including plagiarism accusations and a role in Mozart’s death. Despite there is no historical evidence to this theory, it often happens that your name gets lost in conflicts, dragged down by undeclared yet still very intense wars you are willing to wage with those who try to control you or do not respect your word. The truth is, like it happened with Salieri, celebrity is at hand and you do not need to persuade those who hold formal and totally graceless power. Detaching from the conflict, going on your own way, not defining yourself through diversity, in relation to success, to something or someone else. The world demands for a statement on your part, pure and clear.Star Sign Mantra: the universe plays some music that I know well: energetic, lively and explosive. The time of shadows, plots and strategies has ended. My truth will be stronger than any judgement.