Red Stars


Passion and reason. How many thinkers, philosophers, writers and musicians have written about them! Yet the dialogue is always vivacious when we talk about them. Without a shadow of doubt you are in marvelous shape, some of you have put to good use a newly found inner serenity, yet something is holding you down, encaged in a world that is always too stupid or too small. “This ring will give you a new power. Wear it on your finger, you will be able to fly with all the birds in the air (…) and feel the joy of going up high, above the world and all its sorrows. And when you feel like coming down again, all your questions will receive an answer and all your concerns will disappear.” Richard Bach, There's No Such Place As Far Away.
Star Sign Mantra: the universe plays some music that I know well: energetic, lively and explosive. The time of shadows, plots and strategies has ended. My truth will be stronger than any judgement.