Red Stars


Reformers, by vocation. Never cling to old, standard, motionless things. You are always looking forward, you ears capture stimuli from every side, the brain drinks and is still thirsty, devours books and images, collects long, medium, short and very short term memories. Your intuition dexterously combines information scattered here and there, and can generate masterpieces. It’s impossible to focus on just one thing, yet very simple to be busy with countless. Score, script, libretto, direction all in one, single person, one clear idea. This way Wagner transformed classical music, expertly combining various qualities. A path that is very close to the one you have started recently.Star Sign Mantra: I was born to fly over life, to uncover the corners that are intriguing, illuminated and sophisticated, and take them back home. The souvenirs of a search that never ends. Experiences of loss and conquest that make me greater.