Red Stars


You feel like you have wakened up from a long hibernation. Which is strange, if you think of it. What was the source of all your concerns? How much of this concern depended on you and how much on destiny? Did it all happen by accident? One thing is for sure; this is not the time for questions anymore and also those born in the third decan can relax a little, without lowering their guard too much. Openness, movement, new games, plenty of stimuli, clear and powerful, that push you out on the street again, on the web, anywhere there is space for a constant and active conversation with the world. With this newly-found independence, someone may feel lost, hold their breath, wants to scream in joy. You cannot restrain your enthusiastic smile and communicate to the world you are generating a new life.
Star Sign Mantra: I was born to fly over life, to uncover the corners that are intriguing, illuminated and sophisticated, and take them back home. The souvenirs of a search that never ends. Experiences of loss and conquest that make me greater.