Red Stars


Tough, stubborn and obstinate. The long-lasting quadrature of Venus accentuates the desire to be alone and necessarily protected from an environment that is never too familiar. Living in a harsh and severe way has never scared you because you know, when needed, how to stretch out your words, gestures, gazes. Nothing is wasted, least of all the heart, set aside for those who know how to respect it, is never intrusive, and show care and silent depth. Behind those concrete, conscious, serious, methodic, logical and silent gestures hides the dream to escape, a little bit of lightheartedness to share with someone that, for once, will not ask you anything. Star Sign Mantra: do not look for kindness in me; do not ask for sweet nothings, nor insist on a caress. If you ask for my love, I will reply with a certainty. A kiss without hesitation, the touch of a steady hand. I expect the same from you.