Red Stars


“I am three times without a country; a Bohemian among Austrians, an Austrian among Germans, and a Jew among all the peoples of the world.” said Gustav Mahler, seized by a sense of alienation, and by a deep need for belonging. The not too gentle transitions of Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter determine an inevitable, radical transformation, in your case you will be swept off your feet. It’s easy to cling to memories, uttering the name of the mother (or of the motherland) and feeling at the same time the need to escape. What place you truly belong t, when that very place is deprived of the heart you used to talk to? The subtle grit of Mars’ sextile is a propitious moment to make decisions and make up your mind. Going, standing still, it does not matter. As long as you detach yourself, like balloons flying away from children’s hands.