Red Stars


Venus is walking with you, taking your arm, and there is no surprise if you are doing the same with somebody. You may be sulky, your gaze is sharp, the voice authoritative and the stance soldierly, but sweetness to you is not annoying at all. Being in a couple is a reason to feel proud, just like standing on your two feet alone. Being certain you will not lose yourself in the other and with the necessity that the other person is strong enough to contain you, smart enough to understand and support you, delicate enough, if and when needed. Never intrusive but not even absent. Someone who shows up instantly and then disappears at your command. Without being a puppet. They must and have to rebel, sustain the fight, the reason, the gaze. Supporting a love that does not fear any comparison because it is unique and unrepeatable. Just like each one of youStar Sign Mantra: if happiness lies in the other, I will abandon myself to the other, trustingly. I, who only ever count on myself, will demolish the great wall of my fear and throw myself into the arms of the false enemy.