Red Stars


Wasting time is like having a pebble in a shoe. Annoying, useless. Get rid of them, definitely. When you feel your friends and loved ones are wasting their time, you say it clearly, with your typical frankness. The most sensitive of them may feel offended, yet you are sure you have given them the right advice so that they also remove the pebbles from their shoes. Removing a pebble from a stone is a nice feeling, makes everything more balanced, you can move softly, interrupts the physical and mental pain of that continuous limping. But what if that pebble has the face of our loved one? We use our inventiveness to soften, smooth, move over, and keep dancing. Without removing. Capossela used to sign "What is love? / It’s a pebble in the shoe / that stings the slow bolero step with the foreign Amazon ... ".