Red Stars


“The young husbands (…) left their homes every morning, well shaved, the neck squeezed by the tie’s knot and reappeared at night ready to look at dinner with self-importance, opening wide their newspaper, putting up a barrier against the kitchen chaos, the minor illnesses, the emotions, the newly-born. So many things they had to learn in so little time. How to manipulate their boss and dominate over their wife. (…) Only women were allowed to glide – during the day and always keeping in mind the huge responsibilities dumped on them because of the children’s presence - into a kind of new adolescence. A lighter soul, when the husbands went out. Dreaming of rebellion, subversive gatherings, bursts of laughter that brought them back to high school times, the mold flourishing on the wall at the expense of the husbands, in the hours they were out” . Alice Munro, “Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage…”Star Sign Mantra: I will prepare the umpteenth variation. I, who am the unpredictable in life, never let myself be taken by surprise. Rather, I will surprise everyone and only the stars will be able to pursue my unexpected escapes.