Red Stars


Mars is running through Gemini. One wonders if it’s worthwhile to keep running all the time, as a habit, without a constant reflection on the destination and the motivation. While it is true that the position of Mars in Gemini in a birth chart is often synonymous with dynamism and quickness of thought – hence the well-known associations with tennis or a love for sailing – we must keep in mind that Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which acts through the vigorous and constant filter of reason. Movement ends in the mind, speed becomes quickness of thought, energy is channeled when convenient. It may happen that, in certain circumstances, it is more convenient not to move or to move elsewhere, where no one has ever been, to fulfill the endless desire to know and understand, needed to appease man’s anguish of feeling too small before the immensity of the universe. Isn’t it more and more clear that we begin conquering this big world when we learn to stay still?


Unproductive and happy. Against the flow. Away from the hassle of useless meetings, easy compromise, fake smiles. You are among the few survivors of the huge mud mass that invaded and corrupted everything. You have never adhered to anything but to yourself, and being the only survivors in unexplored and new situations does not make you feel anguished, but free. Finally, alone, free from the thought of this or that t-shirt, of yes or no makeup. The only creators of their own destiny, far away from the captains of sinking ships. Captains of their own heart who, fearless and frightened, do not give a damn and carry on straight, because they have smelled the scent of happiness.


At some point, you stop worrying about making mistakes, all of a sudden. And you finally find yourself with your powerful choices that, you always knew, are never wrong. The grip of the responsibility of a choice loosens up, that sense of perfection that makes everything always slow and motionless. You have started to move and you can do so quietly (perhaps), without turning everything into a major concern, so that your unconscious does not summon again that supreme, inflexible judge that makes every step as heavy as lead. Now it's time to run, it’s time for lightness


Tall. It has to be tall. It's not just a matter of stature, but of position. Tall, high, is a point of view that guarantees a full view and, consequently, control over anything that is not as tall. High language, a high role model. That allows to elevate oneself, to be ambitious, and to have more, to disengage from anything that keeps one down. High is a dominant position, it does not make you dizzy, it’s desirable. High is synonymous with renounce, detachment, distance, ambition, willpower, importance, control, domination, silence. It feels good up there, but sometimes you just need to come back down.


Many would love to plunge into your world, standing in line like impatient vegetables pieces ready to be dropped into ‘bagnacauda’. One is immediately aware that getting close to you means absorbing your warmth, serenity and well-being. Not incendiary like the sign that precedes you, but the warm sweetness of wood that bursts without being dangerous. One feels safe, close to you. Kids also know that, they stay around you and cling to your skirt and trousers. Also your lovers know it, they give their best because they feel at ease, protected by your discretion, pampered by an incredible sensuousness


In the binder your love stories are filed and organized by chronological order. They have been given a mark that is the sum-up of accurate parameters: the good-looking but superficial guy, the indecisive and empathic one, the super-sexy and elusive, the protective and a little intrusive, the unpredictable and passionate, the too-soft sweet guy, the too-aloof tough one. Each one has their own qualities. Each one has their own flaws. Some of them wants to escape, from the sheet, from the binder, from you. But it’s you who wants to escape, more than everyone else, chained to a rule that claims to be logical and that, at a closer look, is not logical at all.


Love without closeness causes a sense of betrayal, which feeds on the lack of complicity, exchange, and mutual possibilities. Love, actually, is a matter of trust, it means putting your trust in your loved one. Your heart is occupies so little space it sometimes strives to understand the sense of such a full and mutual trust. These ideas are outdated for you, perhaps too selfish. Sharing does not need too many words, it goes beyond individual needs and insecurities. We meet, we choose each other, we go. Without complicating too much the situation.


The list of things people actually decide to do is extremely short. We wake up at a certain time, we go to a certain place, we rush to take and collect the kids to and from school, to the pediatrician, to their swimming lessons, until the weekend arrives. That’s when it becomes obvious that nothing has been decided, that we rush into deciding everything. But our social life and professional choices increase the list of things we cannot do. Your daily task is getting out of the cage that wipe out your decisions. You decide what you want to do. And do it. Today


Multiform and multicolored. Wearing shorts or a little jacket, surely clothes don’t make the man. Anyone who sees you cannot think of stopping at the first layer, not even at the second one. They will have to get used to the abyss without wanting to go inside. They will have to be happy they know it’s there, be ready to catch it, but must be kind enough to respect it, without invading it, and let it come and go without a precise pace. They will have to provide new, ingenious escape routes for you, sheltered but not watched over, so you can free yourself from that sense of oppression you may feel on some nights in May.


Taboos are your specialty. Building and destroying them, teasing, demolishing and making up new ones one. A taboo does not exist until you attach a name to it, to emphasize the need to fight it, with the help of those around you. They too must express an opinion, speak out, maybe in your place. You have already convinced many to go against conventions, you have placed them on the front line, you manage them from the sidelines. Their brains are full of good reasons and strategies to defend themselves. This is not the time to tell them to attack, yet they are ready, sometimes unaware, to support your cause. Another taboo will be soon demolished


Superfast. Quick jerks of the body and the mind make you even more elusive. Committed to stay away from fake talkers, who take advantage of the relentless impoverishment of words’ conscience. They have debunked a lot of words, including those that deserved to be preserved in a casket, and to leap out when it was really worth it. Words are thrown up, here and there, by numerous mouths, no longer by yours, that knows the words’ value and respects them. You’d even go to sleep with words, do others know how does it feel to be around prepositions? You flee so fast that you are the first to save first-rate words, put them under the pillow, and say nothing.


"A warrior of the light shares his world with those he loves. He encourages them to do what they want, but they won’t, for lack of courage. In those moments, the Enemy appears holding two tables. One says: "Focus more on yourself. Reserve the blessings for yourself, or you will end up losing everything.” The other one reads: ‘Who are you to help others? Can you see your own faults?’ A warrior knows his flaws. But he also knows he cannot grow up alone, and cannot get away from his companions, so he throws the two tables on the ground, thinking they contain the seed of truth. The tables turn to dust, and the warrior continues to exhort those close to him. " P. Coelho.


Whether the world likes it or not, it’s not always time for ‘doing’ things . And you know it well. There is also time for reflection, investigation, narration, analysis, for studying and speaking. And there is also time for intimacy, exchange, confrontation, and trust. Times without a deadline, that demand respect and space. Times that someone will try to crash, to debase, to prevail over, with the overpowering and deaf actions of those who refuse to listen. You never lose depth, even when you pretend to join the superficial crowd.

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