Red Stars


The bond between music and art was already known in ancient times and in the Renaissance. The musical notes are 12, and 12 are the star signs. In its therapeutic and compositional function, music aims at achieving harmony, a state in which vibrations intertwine and multiply, to generate sounds that feature universal, natural frequencies, pleasant to the human and non-human ear. There is music everywhere. Maybe. Definitely there was music everywhere and there were ears trained to listening. There is also music from the planets, celestial harmonies, intimately connected to our emotional states. The astrologist is, and must be, like a musician. Knowing how to read the music score that is called ‘birth chart’, understanding its chords, focusing on the dissonances, helping the subject to resolve them correctly. They have to detached themselves from the score, improvise, compose a symphony that matches the subject’s tempo. Moving with them like in a duet, like in a Gregorian chant, a counterpoint, like in electronic, jazz music. Astrologist and consultant: two musicians playing together. Listening to ourselves is key.


Venus is transitioning once again around your sign, forming a conjunction for some of you, but still no fireworks. You are not interested in showiness and not even in those who made it big. Your explosion, actually, has already occurred, but not everyone noticed. They will understand later on, gathering all the material you have produced incessantly, observing your constructions, taking stock of your actions that, for once, have been silent and understated. Very few people acknowledged the talent of Bach while he was still alive. Many, especially the aristocracy, despised him. With the passing of time and outside his own time, Bach emerged, without making too much noise, until he became a model for the western world. Keep on working, even if no one is paying attention, you are benefiting from a total expressive freedom.


The name of Antonio Salieri (18-08-1750) in our imagination is forever associated with his alleged rivalry with W. A. Mozart (whose star sign was its opposite, Aquarius), including plagiarism accusations and a role in Mozart’s death. Despite there is no historical evidence to this theory, it often happens that your name gets lost in conflicts, dragged down by undeclared yet still very intense wars you are willing to wage with those who try to control you or do not respect your word. The truth is, like it happened with Salieri, celebrity is at hand and you do not need to persuade those who hold formal and totally graceless power. Detaching from the conflict, going on your own way, not defining yourself through diversity, in relation to success, to something or someone else. The world demands for a statement on your part, pure and clear.Star Sign Mantra: the universe plays some music that I know well: energetic, lively and explosive. The time of shadows, plots and strategies has ended. My truth will be stronger than any judgement.


You are living in the present. Minimalist and sophisticated, capable of a futuristic impulse or to meditate in isolation. Perfectly in tune with all that happens today and will happen tomorrow. The children and parents of a technological era that moves according to a precise logic (while it has lost all logic). You are the Revenant, you can endure anything. You know well the symphony of resilience, you compose one every day, inspired by Ryuichi Sakamoto, a contemporary composer who blends East and West, electronic pop and ethnic sounds. Nothing is extraneous to you, not even love that, at last, is back, asking for some room in the moments of pause, in the wild dances, in new eyes that look promising.


The conservative nature that is typically associated to you sign can be deceitful. If someone sees you as the true antagonist to all that is forward-looking, they will end up missing the intense nuances that characterize periods like this, when Mars’ conjunction is acting undercover and produces not too visible, but still very significant transformations that will expand the boundaries of your comfort zone. Brahms, who defined himself “the man to the side”, was in any case constantly connected to his passions and at the centre of others’ affection. Without indulging in unnecessary soppiness, with a much needed balance with respect to that “duty of the genius” that imposes rigor and responsibility. In the month of April, fantastic balances on which you can bounce barefoot.


Dodecaphony. Each note holds the same importance, no one has the right to prevail over the others. Rules governing equality, the respect of timing, leaving the past behind. Your technique is measured and always ready to embrace innovation. If it’s true that Mercury makes you one of the rational signs of the Zodiac, this doesn’t mean you are standing still. With Mars’ trigon nobody will say you are slow. Your will to act has been thriving inside for a long time, making your bones vibrate. It is ready to come out and not at random. Each action will be followed by the next, without prevailing over it. No one must think that your music has stopped. The new melody is only waiting for the previous one to end its 12 notes. Schoenberg would be proud of your actions. Methodical, atonal, regular and unconventional.


Is there a greater genius, is there someone more eccentric, unpredictable and extravagant than Mozart? Or than an Aquarius – it’s the same thing, really. Whiz kids, loud kids, a little crazy girls, attracted to exoteric cults, to answers rather than questions. People underline your contradictions, your off-the-cuff behavior, the infinite variations. But, isn’t it true that these issues have to do more with the observer than with the observed? Someone said your compositions contain too many notes. Very few concede that all those notes are exactly where they should be. Mars’ quadrature increases the dissonances but your personality, more than anyone else capable of changing scale when needed, must not be frightened when the harmony changes abruptly.


Milan’s Conservatory that today bears the name of Giuseppe Verdi is the same that refused to admit Verdi, due to his incorrect position of the hands on the piano. A unexpected destiny that suggests greater plans, the necessity of not giving up, endless possibilities. A reflection of this kind is definitely needed for those born in September who would like to dock in a harbor and get some rest, especially when they ask themselves if it’s really worth it. Failing a test, a flop, going there unprepared. You get chills only thinking of it. Yet it would be a marvelous turning point, only to try considering such a possibility. It does not cost anything, but it’s worth the taste of a priceless freedom.


Endless romanticism. Unexpected. Almost unwanted. Sudden, it’s also called fantasy, it’s like chasing an image, evoking an inspiration and getting carried away by it. Sudden, just like the emotions that come up on any day and upsets it. Sudden, like the inspiration you chase all day long. Sudden, like a love that changes face again. In 1848, in the middle of a concert and before the audience, Chopin suddenly stopped playing and left the room in a hurry: he declared later on that he saw ghosts coming out of the piano’s sound board. Don’t be afraid of talking with yours, in case they show up


Lyrics to: “La Habanera” – from Bizet’s Carmen. Love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame, and you call him quite in vain if it suits him not to come. Nothing helps, neither threat nor prayer. One man talks well, the other keeps quiet. It's the other one that I prefer, he's said nothing, but I like him. Love is a gypsy child; he has never, ever, known the law. If you love me not, then I love you; and if I love you, you better watch out! (…) The bird you thought you had caught beat its wings and flew away. Love stays away, you can wait for it; when you stop waiting, there it is! All around you, swift, swift, it comes, goes, then it returns, you think you hold it fast, it flees, you think you're free, it holds you fast. Mars is opposed. Handle with care.


Reformers, by vocation. Never cling to old, standard, motionless things. You are always looking forward, you ears capture stimuli from every side, the brain drinks and is still thirsty, devours books and images, collects long, medium, short and very short term memories. Your intuition dexterously combines information scattered here and there, and can generate masterpieces. It’s impossible to focus on just one thing, yet very simple to be busy with countless. Score, script, libretto, direction all in one, single person, one clear idea. This way Wagner transformed classical music, expertly combining various qualities. A path that is very close to the one you have started recently.Star Sign Mantra: I was born to fly over life, to uncover the corners that are intriguing, illuminated and sophisticated, and take them back home. The souvenirs of a search that never ends. Experiences of loss and conquest that make me greater.


Gaetano Donizetti, an illustrious representative of your sign, used to compose his operas in a very short amount of time. In his relatively brief existence, his production was impressive. One of his masterpieces, “Lucia di Lammermoor”, was written in thirty-six days only. You are genius workaholics, driven by enthusiasm rather than by deadlines. Active, reactive, performing better under stress. Someone may criticize you underlining that your being so active lacks inspiration, but no one will deny your talent. Deep down, creativity is hard work and in your case it is limitless. You are in a hurry, yet without nervousness. A sweet alacrity will be with you on April days, ideal to prepare irresistible love potions.


“I am three times without a country; a Bohemian among Austrians, an Austrian among Germans, and a Jew among all the peoples of the world.” said Gustav Mahler, seized by a sense of alienation, and by a deep need for belonging. The not too gentle transitions of Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter determine an inevitable, radical transformation, in your case you will be swept off your feet. It’s easy to cling to memories, uttering the name of the mother (or of the motherland) and feeling at the same time the need to escape. What place you truly belong t, when that very place is deprived of the heart you used to talk to? The subtle grit of Mars’ sextile is a propitious moment to make decisions and make up your mind. Going, standing still, it does not matter. As long as you detach yourself, like balloons flying away from children’s hands.

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