Red Stars


The summer kicks off under the sign of Cancer, the fourth of the Zodiac that traditionally begins with Aries. With respect to the three signs preceding it, Cancer is the first one focusing on love and affection, on the primordial need for nourishment that is not only related to matter. No other sign displays a deeper need for symbiosis, closeness, dependence. Even Libra, that thrives on the same attraction to others, and work hard to create a mutual stability of the Self and the Other, and all in all maintains a certain detachment and preserves its individuality. But it’s a totally different story when we talk about the first of the water signs. The safe nest cannot be abandoned and cannot be inhabited by one person only, or just now and again. The creation of ‘Us’ means the immediate protection of who built it, the place in which the ‘Us’ lives must be imperturbable, unassailable, immutable, at the cost of isolating slowly from the rest of the world that, we know, is full of dangers. Deep down, this couple or family needs a constant affirmation of its strength, nothing else. A confirmation that comes from within and from all the meaningless things that are there outside


You are rock, definitely, without being hard. In the effortlessness of your being unconventional, and outside the box. In the awareness you can amaze, overwhelm, revolutionize, without the time to stop and see the reactions. In the courage to deal with the consequences, as the only creators of a destiny that is never too simple. In the need to be independent, incorruptible, free. Sometimes you are alone, because no one can keep up with you. It’s impossible for you to step into someone else’s shoes. Also when you get passionate about a new wave, so much you feel it yours, after a while that harmony is lost. You were not made to remain the same forever. And it seems that the others, at last, have come to terms with it.


When it comes to helping out others, you are world champions. With your soul, your heart and even your wallet, if needed. You utilize all the assets in your possession, from the influential friend to the newspaper clip, from that guy who owes you to that piece of advice that gets straight to the point and makes you instantly a skillful expert of the human soul. When it comes to helping out others, you never get it wrong. Recently you have started taking care of yourselves, something that you hardly ever do with the same passionate-heroic-temerarious drive. You needed to move just a little bit and the wheel of the deus ex-machina is already appearing on the horizon, ready for a grand finale, rising towards the Sun.


That annoying sense of unstableness will soon go away and you will find yourself in full control of the joystick. The slight turbulence of the last few days may be significant, if you want, or may be filed with other worthless cases under “waste of time”. You are that very moment when you fly past the clouds and the sky is always serene, in perfect balance, at constant speed, decidedly above events and judgments. From up there you can talk to the atmospheres and the few temerarious ones who aim at the same heights. There will be no complaints, no hesitations, every decision will be made rapidly and responsibly. Each one their own. A whole different story, a whole different, well-deserved and deep silence


If you walk around the streets of Enschede, in Holland, you will appreciate little or big gardens next to the little houses, true botanical masterpieces. Bright hues, creative combinations, a strong attention to detail and a triumph of flowers and foliage, all sharing an effortless penchant for beauty, uncontrived, without the anxiety for neatness. You are very similar to these blossoming gardens, so that you inspire admiration. People look at you for longer than usual, in respect of the privacy you deserve. You are natural works of art that one can look at, touch lightly, never blemish. You inspire everyone’s respect for a kind of beauty that gives a new meaning to everything and that is able to stop time long enough to remind us that we belong to a system that is much bigger than us.


In order to renovate yourself you need to renovate your habits. Some of them seem meaningless today, they originate from a lifestyle that put easily aside your needs. Those needs have recently resurfaced and will not remain in a corner, waiting. Some of you, including those born in the third decan who are dealing with the long Saturn quadrature, have noticed that a reflection does not automatically imply a suspension, or a hindrance. Putting yourself to the test, doing some soul-searching or asking yourself the meaning does not necessarily imply you have to stop. On the contrary, to better listen to yourself you may need to get in the fray, accepting the lack of reference points, going with the flow without knowing if and when you will get at the end of the road. But why that road?


Not a single person can keep up with you. No one knows what improvisation means, having one or two elements, nothing more, and turning them into great harmonious solutions. You have that very clear idea in mind, and the resources you need, but when you need to count on others, here come disappointments, setbacks and countless problems. You do not lack for diplomacy, but you recently chose a better strategy: you remain silent, just looking on, and taking notes. Deep down you have about a thousand of lives and opportunities and you are not the kind of person who remains on a boat run ashore, wasting your time. You jump fast to somewhere else, waiting for the rest of the crew to wake up. When they get there, you will be ready for a new adventure.


The whole world adheres to beauty domination especially in its aesthetic, image-led implication. You walk hand in hand with Beauty every single day –can be good or bad – you know very well what beauty is responsible for. It’s not a flag you can fly in a gym or beauty salon. Not a concept that can be expressed through self-centered photographs. Beauty is a serious matter, is our attitude to life, an endless mission, a constant commitment to bring harmony everywhere. And you keep saying that. Winking or using a filter is not enough if you haven’t done anything to make everything around you enjoy the same self-confidence. Portraying an eternally stunning landscape is not enough if part of that beauty does not also belong to the heart of those immersed in it.


The sea knows. The sea has always known. So what’s the point of talking, justifying, judging. Ask the sea and leave alone those who do not need words any longer. Interrogate its vastness, examine deeply its waves, look down on the sea beds and stare right there, where the horizon ends. You will realize you must stop asking, you will realize that we do not care what to do and how, or what direction to go. You just have to stay there. Possibly on the surface, knowing it’s easy to sink. And if no one is strong enough to save us, the sea will take care of us. The overflowing sea will make us run ashore somewhere and we shall try, as usual, to start over again. What can you do? That’s the way we are, we are unable to lie, or to explain. We often make mistakes, but cannot die for this. Yet, sometimes, we are allowed to forget.


You create whirlwinds and grids of thoughts that twist and become unfathomable. It’s hard to spot the starting point and the end, if there is an end, and it’s impossible to understand its direction. Those who try to tune in with your way of thinking must be willing to lose themselves in the maze, without any Ariadne thread, ready to meet the Minotaur or to discover, against all odds, that the monster has never existed and that fear is only an unreal projection. Few, very few will accept to play the game. But you are skilled observers and recognize from afar and silently wait for them to come closer, so unconsciously close…


Although your daily life is full of sudden changes, obstacles, super fast changes of the mind and the body, a lack of firm points, the intolerance of firm points, the need and refusal for stability, you have to remember that deep down your vision is much wider and capable of focusing on long term goals. When it resurfaces, your frenzied existence appears exactly for what it is: a way of being, a part you play. A pleasant exchange with the world, and nothing more. The foundation lies elsewhere, in a smart exploration of timing, of the clear-minded action that never wastes any resource and knows how to shift words. You are lucky, you know how to seize the advantages and opportunities, how to bring your interests on your side without sounding cynical or materialistic. The third decan is out of breath, and must accept to slow down.


Maybe some of you feel tired and want to isolate from humanity. Your challenges are very few and less and less rewarding and do not offer noteworthy stimuli. While your sacrifice in terms of work, movement and dedication always aims at giving, and when you think about receiving you just put the matter aside. Of course, if everyone had your same ability to understand and anticipate other people’s needs everything would be much simpler. But it’s not, and this would compel you to ask. And ‘to ask’ is a verb you do not like at all. You would rather give up, you say “I’ll do it myself” or postpone. This is your challenge for the next few months: asking, simply asking. One of the hardest things to do.


Transparent. The best way to escape paranoia and childhood fears is to let it all out. When you decide to share is never a superficial act, it gives and takes, starting directly from the source. People all of a sudden see everything about you, just like you see everything about them. These exchanges you are increasingly more eager of, moments of sincerity, purity, moments when you lower your guard, put your weapons down, and stop waging war against others and against yourself, lose the tendency to complicate and tangle up things. Once you have stated your weaknesses and intentions, every relationship will be like a nice and fresh glass of water to drink all at once.

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