Red Stars




Wasting time is like having a pebble in a shoe. Annoying, useless. Get rid of them, definitely. When you feel your friends and loved ones are wasting their time, you say it clearly, with your typical frankness. The most sensitive of them may feel offended, yet you are sure you have given them the right advice so that they also remove the pebbles from their shoes. Removing a pebble from a stone is a nice feeling, makes everything more balanced, you can move softly, interrupts the physical and mental pain of that continuous limping. But what if that pebble has the face of our loved one? We use our inventiveness to soften, smooth, move over, and keep dancing. Without removing. Capossela used to sign "What is love? / It’s a pebble in the shoe / that stings the slow bolero step with the foreign Amazon ... ".


People tend to describe you as lazy and comfort lovers. The most extreme envisage you lying on a triclinium, leaning on one side, like ancient Romans, devouring sumptuous meals, amidst wine glasses and grapes. Of course you are not unwilling to have fun, but you are just as active and need to do things. When you feel you do risk any danger, because the shadow of the enemy has left your range of action, here comes the hidden desires, stand-by ambitions and secret goals. Raise the bar , you are not easily rewarded. You need to be on the front line, you want people to talk about you, the world needs your next adventure. And Mars in conjunction sounds like a craving to get into the fray.


A different context can change the meaning of many things, but your own meaning. You have learned to read life in another way, like you do with books. When you encounter a word, a certain adjective, extrapolate them from their context and analyze them to try to adapt them to your environment. They are the first attempts to spot lies hidden behind more attractive and inspiring words - and people . You are definitely not naïve, but you have discovered, gradually, a big number of false concepts and many false smiles you have been the unaware victims of. And feeling deceived is one of the most unbearable feelings for you. Fakes, liars, cowards, do not increase your hatred but your total indifference, a frosty blanket kills even the fiery and ardent passion of the beginnings. Go back to being selective, you are not for everyone.


The first prize for simplicity belongs to you by right, and by a wide margin with respect to the other signs. Simplicity should not to be confused with superficiality or narrowness of the mind. Instead, it means to enjoy what we have, what exists right now just the way it is, without additional needs. It is knowing how to manage what you have, without desiring much more. In the time of your life you develop the noble art of not asking too much, to the sky or to the earth. What really counts is to guarantee the essential and that it functions smoothly. In August, Venus and Mercury form a positive aspect, Mars is at quadrature. There is a desire that goes beyond the ordinary, a need that cannot wait, a request needs to keep going. Bring it to the foreground, show it for what it is, it will not create any complications.


For some time now you have decided to carve out some space to meditate, physically and mentally. You needed it to maintain your mental balance and as a good support to the need to be reactive, and strong. Requests for help have increased exponentially and your phone has turned into a hot line for any type of need. You are working hard for your friends, lovers and most of all for your family. You feel tired, because you typically endure everything, and easily forget about your needs. The voice that urges you to embrace a healthier lifestyle is getting louder and louder. It expresses itself through body and mind pains, conflicts with your sense of duty, sometimes with empathy and then turns into complaint, submissive and rather useless. Holidays are a must, dive into sweet nothing. You deserve it, and there are no real obstacles.


Control is a quality you are often in conflict with. On the one hand it helps you to keep your distance, to maintain an objective point of view, and not being overwhelmed by the unbridled dances of the heart. On the other hand, you often and willingly deny it, ready to fly towards unknown destinations, capable of rebellious acts guided by an idea. Staying or going, walking or running, landing and flying. You can act out of convenience, you know it well, but you cannot always resist a temptation. It’s always a good thing for you to have an open passageway, an even road to catch a breath, or else you're in trouble. Mars in opposition, for those who have withdrawn too much in themselves, passes on the baton of freedom to those nearby, and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.


The view is stunning, it looks like a movie. From your window you catch a glimpse of the clear sea that gently breaks on the rocks, as if caressing them. It has a steady and interesting rhythm, you would almost write a song on it. Start humming, any lyrics, improvised, confusing and scattered words that will soon take a clear direction. At the end of your thoughts there is always love, in all its forms. Love for life, above all. You would be glad to compose a hymn to life. A song that blends different genres, which may please everyone and above all educate everyone. Yes, you need to re-educate the world, this is becoming clearer. And soon you will be in the front line to train new generations, conscious and happy.


Whoever pushed you into the meadow of desires knows almost nothing about you. They took your hand and did not even crossed your shy eyes, kicked you out of the noisy asphalt, opened a passage along the wheat field. Without saying anything. Without asking for permission. Who took you to the shed to make love was delicate and understanding, did not stare at you for too long, did not want to possess with greediness. They were firm, determined and very sweet. They touched slightly you as you would do with a rose, kissed as if it were your first kiss, loved as if they would have never met you again. And in the end they knows it will be that way. They will not find you when they reopen their eyes. They can look for you in dreams and you will always be there. But on the streets, between houses and hotels, they will only recognize your scent, a trail that marks the passing of time.


It is not a matter of good or evil, but of nature. When the peripheral layer falls asleep and remains on the surface, sensitivity makes way for animal, often lying, the victim of social education, sleeping on the bottom, waiting for the right opportunity to show its potential. It may be overpowering or wild, clever and outrageous, magnificent in its manifestations, in perfect contradiction with the Self known in everyday life. None of its willpower needs to be wiped out, whether it is awake or sleeping. The animal asks for its space in the world and does not want frills or sequins. The animal has lived within you for a very long time and is fed up with good manners. Give it some space, albeit small, in which it can express its powerful creative energy.


You've always asked yourselves why everything comes to an end this time of year. By convention, surely. But you have never liked conventions. If you have the chance, you like going against the tide, like a surfer. Right now you are standing there, dressed in a yellow and black wetsuit, holding your board, waiting for the big wave to ride. The social obligation of a break can make you nervous, for fear of losing a good opportunity, but you’d better keep your cool. Jupiter and Mars forming a trine and sextile, enjoyable vacations, pleasant breaks, mind and body relaxation. Only those born in the first decan struggle to shake off their thoughts and find the right contacts. All the more reason not to insist.


"A poor man who does not settle for poverty and a monk who does not embrace celibacy as a joy, are two unhappy existences, in perpetual struggle with the state of affairs and aspirations. Their lives flow in a constant blasphemy for their inability to turn their ideas into practice, their blasphemy is creating the opposite of what they wish for. They desire is enhanced by the need for the image of a thing, the more distant it is, the larger it becomes, it reverberates in blasphemy which is an animated impression from the cupid desire and emitted with the mad enthusiasm of the crazy. " . August is the month needed to reduce the distance between aspirations, dreams, hopes and the state of affairs.


Everything seems to be set, like a table for a big event. The snow white tablecloth, the well-preserved grandparents glasses, the wicker breadbasket, the delicate lace on the napkins and the dishes used for the right amount of time to preserve the cleanliness and the right heat. It seems that everything is going your way, like the rays of a Sun turning toward the source. That jump in your breath is a sign of excitement you cannot and will not restrain. Every day air has suddenly changed its scent, you are walking far above the earth's line, suspended, waiting, feeling a sense of confirmation, of an accomplishment. You have never been that close to your dream, or maybe you have, but every time it’s like the first. You can do it!

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