Red Stars


It’s funny how human beings show an amazing ability in approaching what is outside, what is light years distant – the latest NASA announcements are a remarkable example of such ability – and at the same time they are so immensely incapable of understanding the mysteries of what is close and what is inside them. Finding one’s inner planets is the biggest challenge, an endless path, endless like the universe we try to figure out with satellites and calculations. Astrology is a tool that, wisely used, has the function of raising questions, unraveling schemes and repetitions, along the path of a conscious return to one’s self


Venus is walking with you, taking your arm, and there is no surprise if you are doing the same with somebody. You may be sulky, your gaze is sharp, the voice authoritative and the stance soldierly, but sweetness to you is not annoying at all. Being in a couple is a reason to feel proud, just like standing on your two feet alone. Being certain you will not lose yourself in the other and with the necessity that the other person is strong enough to contain you, smart enough to understand and support you, delicate enough, if and when needed. Never intrusive but not even absent. Someone who shows up instantly and then disappears at your command. Without being a puppet. They must and have to rebel, sustain the fight, the reason, the gaze. Supporting a love that does not fear any comparison because it is unique and unrepeatable. Just like each one of youStar Sign Mantra: if happiness lies in the other, I will abandon myself to the other, trustingly. I, who only ever count on myself, will demolish the great wall of my fear and throw myself into the arms of the false enemy.


Passion and reason. How many thinkers, philosophers, writers and musicians have written about them! Yet the dialogue is always vivacious when we talk about them. Without a shadow of doubt you are in marvelous shape, some of you have put to good use a newly found inner serenity, yet something is holding you down, encaged in a world that is always too stupid or too small. “This ring will give you a new power. Wear it on your finger, you will be able to fly with all the birds in the air (…) and feel the joy of going up high, above the world and all its sorrows. And when you feel like coming down again, all your questions will receive an answer and all your concerns will disappear.” Richard Bach, There's No Such Place As Far Away.
Star Sign Mantra: the universe plays some music that I know well: energetic, lively and explosive. The time of shadows, plots and strategies has ended. My truth will be stronger than any judgement.


Tough, stubborn and obstinate. The long-lasting quadrature of Venus accentuates the desire to be alone and necessarily protected from an environment that is never too familiar. Living in a harsh and severe way has never scared you because you know, when needed, how to stretch out your words, gestures, gazes. Nothing is wasted, least of all the heart, set aside for those who know how to respect it, is never intrusive, and show care and silent depth. Behind those concrete, conscious, serious, methodic, logical and silent gestures hides the dream to escape, a little bit of lightheartedness to share with someone that, for once, will not ask you anything. Star Sign Mantra: do not look for kindness in me; do not ask for sweet nothings, nor insist on a caress. If you ask for my love, I will reply with a certainty. A kiss without hesitation, the touch of a steady hand. I expect the same from you.


For some the healthy beatitude of you sign immediately coincides with the risk of an actual lack of movement, that turns the need to be reassured into monotony. The bucolic paradise, built and protected the Taurus way, keeps all shadows at bay, escapes all anxiety, shuns all questions, keeps away from temptations. But it doesn’t always succeed. Fear, Freud, also a Taurus, would say, hides desire. Hence the subtle and concealed restlessness that unsaddles the most accomplished knight, the attraction for that emptiness that vibrates with a sense of adventure, the impossibility to hiding the voice of the doubt. Mars’ conjunction stimulates desire, accelerates the heartbeat, activates a constructive energy that pushes boundaries.


You have to fortify yourself, who would have imagined it ? You have a brain that is stronger and better built than any other muscle in your body, a body you are getting to know better. With its precise, visible mechanisms but also those moments it crashes without an apparent reason. It becomes irregular, inconstant, restraining. And no doctor has the right remedy. Before being a point of reference for those close to you, you need to have points of reference for yourself. Healthy, concrete, without any abstraction. To feel truly serene, you need to be around concreteness, material and emotional, on which you may rest and that will assure you about your identity. An identity that today must take into consideration also the needs of the body.


“The young husbands (…) left their homes every morning, well shaved, the neck squeezed by the tie’s knot and reappeared at night ready to look at dinner with self-importance, opening wide their newspaper, putting up a barrier against the kitchen chaos, the minor illnesses, the emotions, the newly-born. So many things they had to learn in so little time. How to manipulate their boss and dominate over their wife. (…) Only women were allowed to glide – during the day and always keeping in mind the huge responsibilities dumped on them because of the children’s presence - into a kind of new adolescence. A lighter soul, when the husbands went out. Dreaming of rebellion, subversive gatherings, bursts of laughter that brought them back to high school times, the mold flourishing on the wall at the expense of the husbands, in the hours they were out” . Alice Munro, “Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage…”Star Sign Mantra: I will prepare the umpteenth variation. I, who am the unpredictable in life, never let myself be taken by surprise. Rather, I will surprise everyone and only the stars will be able to pursue my unexpected escapes.


The assertion of willpower is what makes you feel closer to concrete reality. And it is precisely your willpower that scares you more than anything else. Its power, its relentlessness, its ability to eliminate, relinquish, change direction abruptly, are valid reasons to wait, to not decide, to be undecided. The revolution is a matter you like, almost too much, but it is always waiting for the right moment. If you were only the winged head of a angel without the body, postponing would be acceptable, just like clinging to a representation of reality rather than to reality itself. But the body and willpower call from inside with so much arrogance that looking at yourself only from the outside is too much of a limitation. You feel alive. A feeling you must calibrate. With your usual grace. Star Sign Mantra: a convenient position to wait, open to every gift that life wants to give. The revolution, if it takes place, will be complete: of everything and of nothing, of black and of white. My revolution will be to eliminate the choice, and reach Everything.


A meditative detachment from the noise of the world. Looking for the sound that vibrates in harmony with your soul. You feel lost when you are in the middle of the world, when you mingle with a shapeless mass that chooses, in many cases, to adhere to a neurosis in order to find a balance. A morbid game that is not your thing, as it obliges to cling to something and build an identity over it. Losing one’s identity is a much better option, if it’s a jaded compromise. It is much better to regain one’s space, rising triumphantly the banner of absence, of emptiness, of not being, of “being nothing” and as a consequence, of , “being all”. Being one thing with oneself , in solitude, in the pure contemplation of a soul that is the soul of the universe, a condition in which pleasure and pain talk to one another, and become indistinct, like waves in the same sea. Star Sign Mantra: my moments are the pure infinite: they stop time, they carry me away. My moments are moments of pure love, which I would like you to savour. Come and get me, out of this world, where there are no rules and I remain the exception.


You do not belong to anyone or anything. It’s a prerogative or urge. The circular scheme, closed, round, predictable and certain bores you to death. Yours are broken lines, spirals that have no beginning or end, both upwards and downwards. The spirit torments itself in them, without fastening or clinging to them. Yet in this continuous and vital movement nothing and no one eludes control. Silent like a sigh. While others sit in their comfortable armchairs, you blow winds that anticipate a revolution. You have to be patient before taking off. Those in the first and second decan will need an extra moment to think before acting. Avoid sudden departures.


You feel like you have wakened up from a long hibernation. Which is strange, if you think of it. What was the source of all your concerns? How much of this concern depended on you and how much on destiny? Did it all happen by accident? One thing is for sure; this is not the time for questions anymore and also those born in the third decan can relax a little, without lowering their guard too much. Openness, movement, new games, plenty of stimuli, clear and powerful, that push you out on the street again, on the web, anywhere there is space for a constant and active conversation with the world. With this newly-found independence, someone may feel lost, hold their breath, wants to scream in joy. You cannot restrain your enthusiastic smile and communicate to the world you are generating a new life.
Star Sign Mantra: I was born to fly over life, to uncover the corners that are intriguing, illuminated and sophisticated, and take them back home. The souvenirs of a search that never ends. Experiences of loss and conquest that make me greater.


Natural dispensers of light. In the darkness of the night, alongside an unknown road, a storm prevents from seeing anything, making windscreen wipers totally useless, you appear like a long line of street lights, an extra lane, a Sun that dries and protects from going off the road. You would save the whole world if you only could. And while for a while you had to remember to save yourselves, you never left anyone behind. In your heart there is space for everyone, wherever you are. You give all of yourselves, heading especially where you can bring the light, explain, teach. Attracted by vocation to what is shapeless, unconventional, unusual. You were distracted and went off the road very few times, but never lost the courage to face the moment, often counting only on your strength. You are the ones who support everyone, yet you rarely allow yourselves to ask for help.


The paleness of a pure and open face generates tenderness in the observer. We imagine the shyness, a subtle trembling of the heart, the restless soul that tries to escape in all directions, to avoid being harnessed. Those eyes that are never direct and severe, that voice that communicates with sweetness and the words that do not follow a logical order, that evoke images, that cling to memories to start over again. When the people in the world look at you, they want to take care of you, they want to look strong to give you confidence. Maybe that very world does not know that you are not weak at all, but incredibly sensitive. That your strength lies at the core, in the heart, in an identity that is always in harmony with itself and has no need to look elsewhere for something that is already complete and circular by nature.

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A visionary and arcane interpretation of the star signs. The texture research starts from the study of natural material. Wood and marble become graphic surfaces which play with geometry and colors.

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