@1064 Studio
1064 Studio Jewelry pieces are the result of a deep research which takes inspiration from the world of art and in particular from the world of sculpture. SS18 collection is indeed a clear reference to Constantin Brancusi, lead sculptor of the 19th century, whose forms were extremely synthetic, abstracts and geometric. These three last characteristics are key elements of the contemporary brand, together with the using of raw materials and multi shades colors.
Creativity and minimalism so define the style of 1064 Studio which creates actual artworks full of femininity and delicacy through clean and simple lines.
Instagram  @1064_studio


@Anne Manns
Simplicity and femininity are the keywords to describe the style of Anne Manns, jewelry designer based in Berlin and in Milan. Her love for details, for craftsmanship (especially the one from Berlin) and for contemporary designer shine totally through her jewels. What is also strong is the influence of the world of sculpture and art, mainly visible in her using of shapes.
Anne Manns technical approach is very modern and the result is the creation of unique pieces which express a strong sense of femininity through simple and clear lines.
Instagram @anne.manns

@Somme Studio
Australian brand, Somme Studio designs minimal jewelry pieces characterized by simple and geometric shapes for a contemporary and young aesthetic. Key elements are the sense of femininity and modernity. These characteristics mostly emerge from the Journal section of Somme Studio website dedicated to the inspirational images of the brand.
Instagram @sommestudio

Text Giulia Ambrosetti