DANSE LENTE         
Founded by the Corean fashion designer Youngwon Kim, Danse Lente ( which in French means “Slow Dance”) is one of the most coveted leather accessories brand into the nowadays fashion world. Kim’s bags stands stand out for their precious quality and their unusual architectural design. For sure, one of the most extraordinary model is the “Johnny” : hexagonal handbag inspired by the sculptures of Constantin Brancusi. The designer takes often a leaf out of the world of art and is mainly fascinated by Bauhaus and Picasso for his incredible use of tridimensionality. In spite of important background references to the past, Danse Lente bags are totally contemporary and timeless items.




Unique, Creative, contemporary and feminine are just some of adjectives to describe the style of Paloma Wool, Barcelona brand based and created by the very young talent Paloma Lanna Santaolalla. The one of Paloma, it’s a real experimental project which involves not only the fashion world, but also the photography and the art one. A sort of platform where different artists can collaborate to the creation of the new collection (only locally produced).  Surely “timeless” it’s an important keyword to describe the philosophy at the base of the brand. Indeed all garments are gradually shown directly through Paloma Wool website without following the seasonal fashion industry’s process. Timeless clothes, combined with a minimal atmosphere and with pale and delicate colors.





Key Points of the Korean fashion designer Rejina Pyo are graphic prints, color blocks and clean lines. Clearly inspired by modern architecture and with a minimalistic taste, her clothes differentiate for the research and use of huge and majestic fabrics. Layering, clear cuts and transparencies are used to create her creations even more extravagant and contemporary.
Rejina’s woman wears practical but elegant at the same time and rules out simplicity and few but important details which can make the difference.


Text Giulia Ambrosetti