When did you develop a passion for beauty?


I started experimenting with make-up a year ago. Before that I wasn’t really into it that much. I would do some neutral eyeshadow sometimes, but that was it. But then I stopped going to school, and had a lot of free time and I was bored. I got a part-time job in a department store in the perfume section and there was an opening a Sephora in that department store, so I felt really inspired by looking at all the make-up, I was surrounded by. I bought a colourful eyeshadow palette and some glitters and started playing, and then I just really got into the art of make-up.



The eyes are the most photographed feature on your account: is there is a particular reason behind this choice?


I think the eyes are a more personal part of the face, and because I sometimes like to express myself through my make-up, I prefer the eye. I also like the shape of it.



Have you ever considered decorating other parts of the body?


Yes, I have had some ideas, and I also did some photos too. But I really prefer the eye – I feel like I can do much more on the eye, because of the shape and elements of it.



What is beauty for you and what do you think of the “ugly”?


Beauty for me is about expressing yourself and wearing something that makes you feel like you can do anything. Also, the make-up I do mostly isn’t for the purpose of looking pretty and perfect. For example I like to match my eyeshadow with my clothes sometimes, and then I won’t really care about how the colours suit me. There was also a time when I wore yellow mascara with pink and white eyeshadow to school, and people looked at me like I was an alien, and my mom thought I looked like a ghost. But I really didn’t care, because I really enjoyed creating the look and I thought it was so pretty and cool, so I just felt pretty. A good make-up look can make me feel so much better.  And I think the “ugly” is so much more interesting and fun to play with, and allows you to be so much more unique. I am not very into “Instagram make-up”. There was a time when I used make-up to hide my face, and when I was afraid to go anywhere without make-up. At that time I really liked “Instagram make-up”, because back then make-up for me was about looking perfect. The way I choose to experiment with make-up made me realise that make-up shouldn’t be a thing that you feel like you need to wear, but a thing you should just have fun with.



If you had to choose a colour to express your personality, what would it be?


I don’t really know, maybe pink.



How do you select “accessories” to apply on the skin? Do you take inspiration from something in particular?


I usually look around in my room or the rest of the house to see if I can find something interesting that can give me an idea. So I will look in my jewellery box, clothes drawer and make-up drawer. I will look for labels in the clothes and interesting things on make-up packaging, and then I just try some different things with the stuff I find.



Have you ever thought about launching a collection?


Yes, I have thought about selling some t-shirts with my photos on, and a lot of people where interested in buying. I just wasn’t really sure how to do it, but I’m still considering it.



How will make-up look in the future?


I think people’s interest in make-up and the art of it really has grown, and therefore the trends and products that are being made will probably just get wilder and better. We now have cool stuff like liquid lipsticks and eye glosses, and I think there will just keep coming more and more new cool products that allows people to be even more creative. I hope.



What are the beauty trends you shot for RedMilk?


Colours of the rainbow: Colours are in and especially to mix-match them. Rainbow looks are also floating on Instagram. I love colours and love to see how people combine different colours.

Glossy lids: I think everything gets prettier with some gloss on top. Me and a lot of other people loves to use it.

Sunset look – red and orange shades: I think these are among the most popular colours to use at the moment, and I love the colours together.

Glitter: As much as I love gloss, I also love glitter. And the Internet does too.



Instagram @sofiepeterseen

Photos courtesy of the artist