What’s this active substance that everyone is talking about?

Sodium DNA is a natural key ingredient that possess high rejuvenating properties. This molecule, while integrating into cell, supports the restoration of aged and damaged tissues, thus ensuring a deep action that reaches deep up to the dermis, giving a renewed radiance and freshness to the complexion.

The market offers different formulas of anti-aging. Below our favorites:

Dr. Brandt skin care DoNotAge – dream night cream: luxurious and voluptuous night cream, with black pearls extract, for an extraordinary hydration. It works in perfect harmony with the night cycles of skin repair, to revive and rehydrate.

Kalleis 117 rigenerante ultrantensive anti-age con DNA: with a soft and velvety texture this cream is quick to absorb, ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Thanks to the dermoprotective action of the lipoprotein, it stimulates cell regeneration, plumps and tones the skin, prevents and reduces wrinkles. It’s also non-greasy and an excellent make-up.

Hydroface advanced double active revitalizing set: Prof. Sebastien Beondine’s method of is totally natural. The formula’s key is its revolutionary approach to treating skin’ aging: its change the DNA structure synthesizing a special protein, a peptide that stimulates the DNA to naturally repair itself.

Anywhere, mingled in the air we breathe, there are particles of wonder and extraordinary… and only the dexterity of a magician can capture them.