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Salone 2016 Special: Forest of Light by Sou Fujimoto

For its fifth installation in Milan COS collaborated with the acclaimed Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto. Forest of Light is an interactive installation created only by using light responding to people’s movements resulting a spectacular show where no two visitor experience the same.  The concept of forest is an important element for Mr. Fujimoto, as he explains his Musashino Art University Library project in the video where the building makes the visitor feeling walking in a forest, full of books, in this case. At Forest of Light the architect pushes the boundaries creating “the most pure realisation of forest”.  Sharing COS’ vision of minimal timeless design and underlining the importance of now, Sou Fujimoto states “It will happen there, and then be gone, such a special moment in the theatre. The contrast of the cities of Tokyo and Milano, the long-term reality and then one really beautiful moment of realisation”.



Forest of Light, COS x Sou Fujimoto

Open to public: April 12-17, 10am-7pm

Cinema Arti, via Pietro Mascagni 8 map

















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