Hello Sita. How are you?
Fine: I’ve only just woken up

Instagram was your first showcase. Over the course of time, has it changed the way you post online?
No, it hasn’t changed. The way I post online has remained the same from then until now because I think the most important thing is always to be myself.

You were the muse during the tumblr generation; what has changed with Instagram?
The Tumblr generation was four years ago and Instagram has beaten Tumblr.

I’ve posted on both Tumblr and on Instagram; but if I posted amusing photos or Gif on the former, on Instagram I’m more spontaneous and natural. People want something that’s more real.

Has your life changed since the Rihanna video?
Yes, it has changed; I work more and I’ve got more media exposure.

Your success is also due to your look. How much time do you devote to choosing your outfit for the day?
I don’t spend all day thinking about what I have to wear. In the morning, for example, I’m not that bothered, whereas in the evening, if I have to go to some event, I devote more time to choosing what to wear.

On the other hand, how much time do you spend on your make-up?
During the day I prefer to have a natural look, but it depends on the occasion. In the evening, when I go out to musical events or engagements that I consider are important, I use make-up, but I don’t feel that it’s something fundamental. In the evening, maybe, something on my lips; certainly the maximum time to prepare myself is not more than half an hour. More importantly, it is difficult to use eye-liner and do two identical eyes. So, this takes up more time.

Music or fashion? Which is the greater passion?
I have loved fashion ever since I was a small child. Today, both fashion and music have become two great passions for me; complementary in my life and important in the same way.

What cannot be missing from your beauty case?
I love Shu Uemura hair conditioner products; they are the best for anyone with tinted hair. I colour mine every two weeks, so, for me, it really is important to look after my hair in the right way…)

What is your beauty secret?
I’m young; I don’t have any beauty secrets yet. For me it’s important to always clean my face really well; this is my beauty secret. For now, I don’t use any specific cream. I’ll answer this question when I am 50 and my skin needs special treatment.

What hair colour will you have next?
For now, I don’t know, but I’m getting tired of blue, so I thought of doing it Army green, even though it’s a bit difficult to achieve this. Maybe black with some super cool colour, but to tell the truth I’m still thinking about it.



  • Klaus Geltl

    The only actual techno princess, beautiful and spellbinding 💜 Cool interview, and her pictures awesome as always! 💜