You did grow up in an environment rich of musical influences and you are yourself the union of different things, to move from belonging to a group at being a single person. What did you bring with you, in your profession and in your person, from the beginning until today? And what you have instead preferred to leave for now as not identifing?

With me I will take always the pride of being an independent artist and the idea that music is a huge blender where you can drink endless centrifuges from different and delicious flavors. Instead, I had to necessarily leave behind a world made of poisonous ideological lies that were killing me as a musician and as a person. The ideology in music threatens to pollute that wonderful link between ideas and sounds.

Meg, Psychodelice and Imperfection. Is there a common need more or less expressed that embraces these your three albums?

I deeply believe in the therapeutic value of music. DJs should be selecting and playing good music in hospitals, airports, waiting rooms, public places and I’m sure that this would increase social serenity. Writing and composing makes me very happy, and it’s something I do just for myself, with healthy selfishness. Perhaps the underlying theme of my least three albums is just that. I put my life in music because it makes me a happier person.

You travel a lot. What type of traveler are you and what you look for in every place that you cross?

I let myself go through the places. I’m interested in faces, stories, smells, in what’s typical… The beauty and the horror of a place force me to choose which side they remind me of where I come from, who i really am, what I can still become. What can I learn and unlearn and what to do instead, to improve as a human being. The first impression I have with a new place is always fusion: I’m just like that, I need to fully trust the other to create something authentic, a genuine relationship. I need to lose myself into the unknown. Later however, I need to sit a bit ‘on my own and look at things with a little more distance. I do not know how to explain it, as the cardinal points that put me back in line: my anchor, my roots, they call me and remind me imperiously where I belong .. And these are: Europe, the Mediterranean, Naples, my family and music.

You appear as a curious woman, moving even with your thoughts. Nomadic and restless at times. Do you think it’s a waste of time to stop and indulge themselves, rather than always to others or something?

Stop and take stock of the situation on himself is one of the most valuable things you can do to get balance in this chaos! Everyone has his tricks to do it, I’ve different: for example, I feel better immediately after a chat with close friends over a good glass of red.

What do you do in your free time?

What everybody does: cooking, reading, I watch TV series, the way to order my thoughts, but the top when I go to the beautician to do my hands: that’s real luxury. Sometimes the most superfluous gestures can make me feel good.

You have been one of the it was one of the most roaring protester of protested music. The rebellion is appeased with the growth? What makes you angry today and how you fight it?

Did i? Maybe so, but in reality I only did what I felt to be normal in my comfort zone of my twenties. If you have 20 years and do not get rebel maybe there’s something wrong with you. At 20, you are looking for yourself rather than during adolescence in my opinion, is the most delicate age, and during this research you put the world upside down, you have to subvert it at all costs, it is the only way to feel alive and different from all the shit that you see around you. Do you feel constantly attacked and you have to react as you can. In addition, if you grow up in a land difficult as the one from which I come, I assure you that the protest becomes part of your daily life very soon! Growing up, you learn to see reality in a more complex, less binary form, and, at least in my case, you feel the need to express your emotions in an alternative and perhaps more real, authentic way.

You’re closed to your roots: Naples, your family, your sisters. And you’re a woman who has made knowledge, understood as information and cultural elevation, an important trait. What helps us when we have to save ourselves? What instead is extremely dangerous and complicit in making us lose?

Today, what helps us poor little human beings? Smartphones! Today what is dangerous? Smartphones!

If you are not superstitious right? Tell me something about your next projects

I can not wait to shoot the next video with Uolli, I love his way to play down the reality.

Several yours collaborations: with which you felt more connected? And one you hope to have?

Carlo Rossi was the most important person I’ve ever worked with. We had lots of fun together and he taught me so much. I miss him irreparably.

Meg and fashion: ecstasy or dislike? How do you interact?

For me beautiful clothes are hard drugs! You have to take it slowly! In particular I love very young cutting-edge designers, who have character and challenge the market, often I have the good fortune to work with some of them, and it’s always exciting. Lately, Lee Wood has created for the Imperfection tour beautiful clothing.

A book. An album . A movie. An actor.

Love etc., Barnes. Santigold’s first album. Viviane. Aden Young.

Coming to see you in Naples, after a coffee, where will you take me as a must-see?

Cristo Velato, a Cappella San Severo.

A criticism to Meg yesterday, a tip to Meg today and a wish for the future

Better alone than badly accompanied! :)
Be strong!
I hope you’re happy!