TURIN 06/11/2015

We leave Milan late in the afternoon, tired after a long week of work in which projects and ideas come together.
Arriving in Turin at AC Mariott hotel we discover #AbsolutSymposium.

The hotel is beautiful and full of people; settled in our rooms, soon we begin the rooms tour organized specifically to welcome us.

And we begin to relax.

Shortly after we arriveddirectly at Lingotto CTC, a huge location where this event is held with a really noteworthy line up.

We begin dancing through the beats of drums and electro by Battles, an extraordinary performance. We wander through all stages, greet friends, filled with smiles.

We listen to the dance or techno music by Middle East artist Omar S, the Syrian that became the king of indie music, very funny … and then off to listen to Four Tet, its producer as well.
So many people, and they all dance.

And then the most awaited moment arrives: on stage, even with a short delay, appears Thom York, pure energy. Perfect visual for its show, an hour and a half in which we are completely thrown in his dimension.

We dance until 05.00 with Jamie xx, and then we back to AC Hotel, where starts the Matinèe.

We have breakfast and relax but we are not tired … we watch a movie in the lobby continuing to listen to music in the rooms.

A perfect Friday night, an interesting Saturday morning.