Well-known photographer, Annie – since her youth – was passionate about the world of art and photography. In 1967 she attended a course of painting at the San Francisco Art Institute and in the summer of 1968 during a travel in Japan with her mother bought her first camera. When she returned to San Francisco began frequenting a evening classes for photography and a little later she was noticed by the Rolling Stones magazine director Jann Wenner, thanks to which came her first success as a photographer for the magazine.

In the seventies, Annie accompanied on tour the Rolling Stones band and took the renowned photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who became one of the most famous photo shoots in the rock history. Thanks to her photographs Annie Leibovitz is recognized as one of the most unpredictable and talented artists of the worldwide photography scene.

“Photographs can be remembered more easily than the moving images, because they are a precise slice of time rather than a flow.”

(Susan Sontag)

With her photographic lens has captured generations of artists, musicians, writers, actors and politicians with an enormous visual talent and a unique capacity of invention and innovation. In her images there is a strong narrative desire, realized in the idea of an appearance investigating in an original and unexpected background able to bring out the less obvious and expected aspects.

Her realizations are driven by a creative impulse that places her subjects like if they were bit parts in her temporary artistic visualization of the shot. Annie Leibovitz for years has worked for magazines such as Vanity Fair and many other and as well as having exhibited internationally. Uncontrollable provocative, a photographer that can manage reportage and glamour shooting with a strong predilection for the portraits that have always a recognizable imprint.