Chloe Sheppard is a young British photographer, only nineteen years old. Channeling her insecurities in dreaming portraits depict and capturing the beauty of women around her, Chloe’s photographs tell the doubts and insecurities of the new generations.

Friends who surround her are photographically represented in pictures full of generational  and representative meaning. The photographer – through her portraits – reveals her feelings and with the representations contributes to create a sort of ideal story.

Tired of seeing her friends portrayed in selfies that don’t brought them justice, she wanted to create adequate pictures that can remain in time.

“For a photographer a true story is not an address to go with the right filters and sophisticated cameras. A story means to read, study, prepare. Photographing reveals look into things that one has figured out his head. The big picture is the image of an idea.” (Tiziano Terzani)