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Qua⫏∃Rno: Magical Ferrolic Clock by Zelf Koelman

Zelf Koelman is a Master’s degree student at Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Fascinated by a magical material called Ferro Fluid, Koelman created a truly artistic device, doubling as a bedside clock. The natural unpredictability of the fluid gives the clock the ability of having playful yet dreamy creatures inside. Ferrolic uses the power of nature’s forms and dynamics embedded in modern technology.

The designer shares:

it is possible to give the bodies perceived in the Ferrolic display a strong reference to living creatures. It is this lively hood that enables Ferrolic to show a meaning-full narrative like for instance having the creatures play tag. In addition the natural flow of the material, it can be used to form recognisable shapes and characters. Ferrolic uses these both layers in parallel in order to display scenes and transitions in an poetic, almost dance like, choreographed way.

Only 24 prototypes have been realised, yet according to FastCoDesign, designer’s website hints a Kickstarter crowd sourcing project for industrially produced versions may be on its way.

Enjoy the product video.


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