Dance nowadays is a hyper complex art form. A surprisingly mix of influences that often comes to explore universes such as sports, electronic music or popular folklore.

Representative of interesting choreographic perspectives, we selected three young choreographers that are gaining international consideration thanks to their unusual yet fresh and attractive languages.
Compagnie Virginie Brunelle – Canada

Her style is raw and lyrical, emotional and disenchanted at the same time. One of the most interesting emerging choreographer of the contemporary scene, Virginie Brunelle graduated from the University of Quebec’s Dance program in Montreal and in early 2009 launched her eponymous company. Complexe des genres and Foutrement, recently presented at the Festival MilanOltre, seduce the public with the bodies and the muscles of the dancers irradiated by a warm photographic light. Poetic, technically sensual and physically complex her works explore the search for oneself through the relationship between a man and a woman. The intimate and delicate music anticipates the movements and create emotive and intense moments.

Daniele Ninarello – Italy

Daniele is a choreographer of the young Italian contemporary scene. Native of Turin, after attending the Rotterdam Dance Academy and stints working with several international choreographers, he went back to his hometown and in 2007 started presenting his own creations. The physical memory and the dynamics that bind people to each other are the main threads of his language. Rock Rose Wow and L.A.N.D. Where is my love are his latest works: while the first investigates the theme of the race to self-realization bringing on stage a state of fear that thanks to the Rock Rose flower is turned into courage, the second is a journey towards the perception of the environment by listening your body. Next performances? On October, 7th L.A.N.D. Where is my love will debut at the Torino Danza Festival, while on October, 9th Rock Rose Wow will be on stage at the Teatro Sociale of Brescia within the Nid Platform project.

The Loose Collective – Austria

Unusual, humorous and vibrant, The Loose Collective is an Austria-based international group of choreographers and musicians with different interests ranging from dance to electronic music through visual art. Their language is eclectic and screechy. Up till now the collective, founded in 2009, has created three stage works: Here Comes the Crook, The Old Testament According to the Loose Collective and The Game Game. Pop culture, post-punk melodies, fashion references and musical atmospheres characterize their unpredictable pièces. Upcoming debut? The Sound of Music will be presented on October, 8th and 10th at the Steirischer Herbst Festival in Graz.