They say that every book you open is a universe and each universe can’ be placed and kept in a book… partner of many journeys and many dreams, at the sea, in the mountains or in town or wherever you are to spend your holidays, summer holidays give more time for our readings.

The book, inseparable friend on vacations, that friend who led us sometimes in some walks of life, that imaginary figure who sometimes responded to many questions or that simply has kept us company in loneliness moments giving pleasant evenings, here it’s time for choosing the perfect book for your summer. It’s time vacations, relaxation and fun, for every book lover worthy of respect, the more opportunities to read for immerse yourself in a good reading is the summer. When it comes the time to fill up your suitcase, choose the book to take on holiday can be hard.

We decided to select for you the most interesting books of the year:


–  In the Country Stories, Mia Alvar 

Mia Alvar, a new extraordinary literary talent, gives voice to the women and men of the Philippines. The book speaks with the heart of all those who have always looked for a place to call ‘home’. This book takes us on a tale aimed at the exploration of universal experiences of loss, displacement and the desire to connect across real and imaginary frontiers.


Beach Town, Mary Kay Andrews

A perfect image, a film location and a story of a movie director in crisis looking for a perfect place for his restart. A humorous story at heart-to-heart talk for a book that throws us to a perfect summer destination.


– The Next Next Level: A Story of Rap, Friendship, and Almost Giving Up, Leon Neyfakh

A story that deals the theme of being a star and the problem of making art in the twenty-first century. The book is much more than a brilliant portrait of a charismatic musician always looking for something great to get, The Next Next Level is a totalizing story of contemporary art. He speaks of obsession, fame, ambition, friendship and the details of life through the margins of culture.


Night at the Fiestas: Stories,  Kirstin Valdez Quade

A surprising debut in a book about love, loss and violence. With an emotional intensity tells unforgettable stories that make us lose in fierce hearts of troubled characters defined by desire and deep to escape from the past. These stories full of hope, trace the passions and the obligations of the family life, exploring the racial themes, class and of the age. The writer characters of the author: protected, betray, injure, undermine, support, define and at the end save others.


In the Unlikely Event, Judy Blume

A story with a touching plot, three generations of family, friends and strangers, whose lives are deeply changed by unforeseen events in a series of unexplained air crashes. A history of air travel, in a vivid portrait of a particular place and historic moment. In the background, Nat King Cole singing “Unforgettable”, a young Elizabeth Taylor with her haircuts, youth and love, explosive friendships and the political voices. Through this book, the message that the life goes on.


The Sunlit Night, Rebecca Dinerstein

A stunning debut novel, lyric like a poetry and psychologically rich as a thriller. In the beautiful arid landscape of the Large North, two young men find each other and have to learn to be alone. A bond that fortify them against the tumultuousness and melancholy of their faraway homes, giving solace in the middle of great uncertainty given by loneliness. The book shows that no matter how far we go to claim our territory, is love to give us our place in the world.


– The Familiar, Volume 1: One Rainy Day, Mark Z. Danielewski

The Familiar speaks of nine lives in precarious balance, each one is called to make a terrible choice. We are among Mexico, Southeast Asia, Venice and California. This book tells us about the world, what we think know and the future that we sometimes take for granted.


-The Rocks, Peter Nichols

A dramatic view of the Mediterranean Sea with lush olive grove, The Rocks opens with a comparison and a secret. The book is a double love story that begins with a mystery, then it moves backwards in time for reveal what really happened decades before. It perfectly narrates the glamorous and complicated world, with sophisticated people but with their flaws and a genuine desire. A bittersweet novel, intelligent and romantic on how is powerful the truth and how it can be perceived as a constraint and block and how a misunderstanding can become an irreparable echo through the decades.


-Among the Ten Thousand Things,  Julia Pierpont

An amazing novel in a portrait of an American family, in a point of an irrevocable change and an amazing original story of love and lost time. Accuracy, humor and beauty, the writer has created a timeless novel, extremely pleased, that talks about family ties in life, with their fragility and their ability to be recovered sometime in time.


-Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life, William Finnegan

A deep self-portrait of a surfer, for which the surf is much more than a sport: a nice dependence, a demanding course of study, a dangerous hobby, a way of life and flee. The book takes us to the discovery of unknown worlds, some of which are under our nose off shore of New York and San Francisco coasts. It shows us a earth turned upside down, for children and adults by upsetting social events in the sixties. An intellectual autobiography, a social story, a literary road movie and an extraordinary exploration of the art of surfing.


– Infinite Home, Kathleen Alcott

A widow who rents apartments in Brooklyn to men who are all profoundly in need of shelter. With humanity, humor, gracefulness and a suggestive prose, the writer depicts these unforgettable characters in their inside search for a life worth to live.


-Uptalk, Kimmy Walters

A collection of poems by Kimmy Walters. Impertinent, the poetries of the writer bring us at the same time in two different directions succeed to make the reader laugh and simultaneously moving him with the emotional power of her work.


– The Beautiful Bureaucrat, Helen Philips

A new work by a young wife, unsettling truths and institutions, whose claws seem to extend to every corner of the city and beyond. Chilling and moving, The Beautiful Bureaucrat is a novel of rare moderation and imagination. With it, Helen Phillips takes us twists in the world we know and reshapes showing him full of meaning.


-Saint Mazie, Jami Attenberg

A protagonist with a big heart, a cheerful mask to forget a childhood rooted in poverty. Her diary, always at her fingertips that keeps its secrets more precious. A big depression that affects her life and various other events. Who was really Mazie Phillips? A chorus of voices that speak of her past and present in some mysterious spaces of her adventurous life. Inspired by the life of a woman with an irrepressible spirit, it’s an intelligent, courageous and touching novel.


– How to Start a Fire, Lisa Lutz

How to start a fire, it’s a story of an unexpected friendship of three women: from the college, that growing into adulthood together, united and divided by secrets and lies that will round up together in a single night. Wild adventures, unspoken jealousies and sudden tragedies that alter the course of their lives. A meticulously novel constructed with irresistible characters and a compelling narrative unit, in a tribute to the constant, irrational love that we share with the family we choose.


– Love and Miss Communication, Elyssa Friedland

This unforgettable debut novel asks us to look up from our screens and out of the world and to imagine what life would be like without the research, status updates,Tweets and messages. It tells us about the technology that surrounds our lives, relationships, meet new people and chat online.


– The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic, Jessica Hopper

A hard-hitting punk fanzine, in a book that documenting the last twenty years of American music and the changing of the view of music consumption. Through a wide range of album reviews, essays, soundtracks, interviews and depositions, the writer tells us what it means to be really obsessed with music. the book makes us reconsider art, music and politics thanks to Hopper that enlightens and help us to pay attention of what matters most to us.