The summer is that wonderful season in which everything seems to become more beautiful and colorful. Holidays are approaching and finally it’s time to pull out of the closet our swimsuits. In fashion some new emerging designers express better the fresh spirit of summer, taking inspiration from the classic style in a urban revisiting. We have selected for you two swimwear brands that , with their aesthetics, create a strong creative streak and celebrates the modern young woman. Games of prints and colors for distinctive and different swimwear.


The new Uruguayan brand Kina is fresh and modern, it creating swimwear designed for seductive, confident and strong women that play with their own personal style. The brand was founded by Alonso’s sisters. Sol Alonso, the designer of the duo, puts in her design its particular vision of fashion. Graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, she has worked for Marc Jacobs and AF Vandevorst. The creations of the brand are locally produced in Uruguay, the Kina swimsuits praise a perfect fit and original prints. Elegant and contemporary swimwear that are destined to become a timeless classic.


Established in 2009 by Carol and Sarah Piron, the brand has its roots in Liège in Belgium. The sisters in their fashion career were supported by the fashion photographer Gregory Derkenne that, beyond his aesthetic eye, improved the brand philosophy. The trio immediately realized that fashion and style are a question of identity. Filles à papa shows a rebel attitude and a clothing line in which the word contemporary, reveals all its paradoxes. An artistic postmodern charge in fashion, that reflecs the cynicism of our time. Their swimsuits are provocative, with a mix of contrasting but complementary references that work well together and separately: strong colors, writing-slogans, symbols with combined drawings have become an essential part of the brand. The collections and appearance of Filles à papa is a poster, a portrait of an heir who didn’t forget to be a rebel or a rock star and transformed his aggressiveness into charm.