A holiday tip/location:
Roraima, Venezuela for adventure traveler
Something to eat/a fruit:
passion fruit
A drink:
avocado, banana, coconut water and date smoothie
Your ideal holiday:
somewhere I can me immersed in a new culture and have the luxury of not having to answer emails or use my phone!
A song that reminds you of summer:
BABY by: Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti
A must have accessory for summer/your holiday:
Since what time you produce beachwear and where’s the inspiration coming from:
since 2014. I am inspired by the rich colors, patterns and mythological stories of the tribes I work with
Which woman represents you?
Adventurous, Creative and honest
Your first holiday that you remember:
Disney world!
The ideal friend/companion for your holiday:
Easy going, inquisitive and has a great sense of humour