Natural reserve Orientata dello Zingaro,
Castellamare del Golfo,


This gallery dug into the rock to begin the construction of a road, today is the symbol of a civil struggle that joined in a protest march three thousand people, including environmentalists, intellectuals and ordinary citizens to the largest movement of Sicilian history for the nature protection. It was the 18th of May, 1980: from this date the passage through the tunnel is relive the history of the first reserve established in Sicily,


To wear:

Stella Jean Beachwear collection SS2015: “An emotional congestion” is defined the collection bridge between the designer and the homecoming, Haiti. Bright colors rousen cotton and lycra fabrics. The retro-chic allure and the artistic tradition of Naive merge. Social sophisticated contaminations start looking for a new balance between centuries and the different latitudes.

To read:

The distance – Baronciani + Colapesce: the lucky meeting between the illustrator Alessandro Baronciani and the songwriter Lorenzo Urciullo, better known like Colapesce, creates the graphic novel set in Sicily. Among the interrupted and broken loves, fluctuating passions, jumped appointments and the through distance you can feel the wear and tear of things. The difficulty of living suspended, the inability to eliminate the intangible thing that stands between you and the rest. Between you and things, between you and the people. Sweet and melt, Sicily of light and sea. Islands…

To use:

GUM’s travel pouch: customizable to suit your tastes and needs controls, the transparent PVC bag can hold everything you need for your hair. Comb, conditioner, lotion and mask, for example. Exclusively sale in the salon and on the GUM online shop

To eat:

Cherries: it says that one leads to another and it is not a bad idea to take them, friends, in the long walk that can be done inside the reserve. Enjoy them with the landscape. Rich of vitamin C and A, folic acid, useful to regulate the nervous system. They also contain anthocyanidins and give off their anti-inflammatory. Improve digestion and keep hunger under control. Last but essential in this case, they protect the skin from the sun because they are rich of carotenes and minerals.