Lilliput & Felix ( – UK
Nostalgic, feminine, structured…
The label name draws inspiration from the fictional island of the novel Gulliver’s Travels and from chic globetrotters who feel at home on any beach of the globe. Lilliput & Felix is the result of the passion for swimwear of Catriona Ramsay who created the London-based brand in early 2015. The bikinis and swimsuits are made using beautiful fabrics and have clean shapes that enhance and flatter the female forms emphasizing their femininity. The debut collection is inspired by the wild florals and geometric structure of English Country Gardens with a touch of nostalgia. Textured prints and elegant block colours in pastel or coral tones confer a sense of fun to each piece conceived for voyagers and confident dreamers from all latitudes.

Tre Pesci ( – Italy
Ironic, evocative, bright…
The love of the sea and of all its creatures marks the work of Vera Scaccabarozzi. With a background of studies and professional experiences in architecture, this young Italian designer established the jewelry label Tre Pesci in early 2014 as an extensive research on the marine ecosystem and on the fishes, mussels and corals living in our seas. Millenary stones blunted by the waves are mounted on a sylver ring as well as colorful lures and fishing lines that live again in a series of necklaces in which hooks are used as pendants with a singular yet evocative flavor. Marvelous Mediterranean tales, diving and colourful creatures make the jewels, handmade by Vera in her Genoa-based studio, small talismans for those who unconditionally love the sea and want to take it with them.

Alfred Kerbs ( – Spain
Refined, laid-back, innovative…
The Alfred Kerbs’ sunglasses have a strong and determined attitude yet a relaxed and timeless allure. Based in Barcelona, but launched last October in Tokyo, the new-born eyewear brand designed by the eponymous designer is rapidly becoming a must. With innovative lines, the rectangular or round frames are handmade in Italy using high-quality materials and Zeiss lenses. Basically unisex, the sunglasses have oversized shapes that filter the rays of nowadays hot summers and a studied and elegant palette of colours ranging from red sunset and Mediterranean blue to honey or green tortoise through nude and crystal shades.