Born in California around the sixties by surfers bored by the lack of waves, skateboarding evolved from being just a philosophy and a lifestyle or an easy way of transportation to establish itself both in the underground world and the mass culture, through the fusion of music, fashion and art

In the early seventies in the Dogtown area in Venice Beach, the first promoters of this iconic style were a group of young surfers, Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta and Jay Adamsche, considered as the fathers of the Californian skateboarding culture. From the skate culture came a wave of artists who have become designers, illustrators and creatives. Graphic and fashion of skateboarders has get more important as the years gone by, through the artistic reinterpretations of iconic pieces and boards. The skateboard becomes a canvas for the creation of new artworks. The clothing and the graphics  became the trade-mark of all skaters.

Skateboarding is a matter of style and art: we selected for you some brands for their original visionof  the skate  world.

The brand Sovrn for skateboarder was born in 2014 in Los Angeles. They aim to introduce a new vision and new concepts in the skate-design, collaborating with artists and illustrators to turn the boards in a real creative canvas. The Sovrn team is composed by Karborn, Rafael Bessa, Jesse Draxler, William Match and many others. The brand was created to incorporate the design, art and the high-quality graphics in the world of skateboarders. Sovrn wants to create unique boards with the best sustainable materials to facilitate the strength and durability of each product. The key word of the brand is “new ideas” – artists and illustrators bring their creative visions in a new youth underground view.


Haroshi is a Japanese artist born in 1978 in Tokyo. Without any artistic study Haroshi adapted the perseverance, the freedom of expression and the DIY core of skate culture in the creation of his artworks. He became famous in the world of skaters for his recycling art: using old wood skateboard he creates 3d works of art. For the artist, the creative reinterpretation of the boards becomes a new tool of communication with and the world. During his career he worked with brands like Nike and exhibited his artworks internationally his carved sculptures revisiting sport in artform. Haroshi sculpts and re-creates fantastic abstraction of the old boards souls.


It’s a designer, art director and graphic designer from Berlin. Born in 1978 in Frankfurt he has taken his first steps in the graffiti world when just fourteen years old. After his graduation in 2009 he studied at the University of Design HFG Offenbach in Germany. He worked for several years in Hamburg for the advertising agency Jung von Matt. Today is a creative freelance and works with many companies such as Alvons, Bad Vilbel, Basler, Becks, Bentlage, BiteBox, Bmw, TrendOne, Havas Media, Hesse Design and many others. Sven in his career has created unique works where design and creativity are combined to create new contemporary design. One of the most iconic work is the wood skateboard “Förster”, a unique piece made from a bark that outlines the sides of the board. Sven has won many awards and has exhibited his works internationally.


Isle Skateboards is a skateboarding brand based in London. Born in 2013 thanks to the creative minds of Nick Jensen and Paul Shier together with Sylvain Tognelli, Jon Nguyen, Tom Knox and Chris Jones. The work of Isle Skateboarders focuses on the skateboarding phenomenon in the streets of London. The brand shows an experimental approach joined to creative minimal and underground concepts. The Isle group succeeded in just few years to develop the brand identity and the creative direction in the graphic design of the boards, working with a variety of artists carefully selected. Today the brand is recognized around the world and collavorates with a variety projects and brands such as Casio G-Shock, Dazed & Confused and many others.


Fucking Awesome is a brand that was founded thirteen years ago by Jason Dill, enigmatic legend of skateboarding and by the American photographer Mike Piscitelli. The brand is recognized worldwide for its unique style. Fucking over the years has established itself as a successful brand in skateboarding, thanks to the construction of skate with the graphic of DIY, combined with round neck sweaters, hats and other iconic accessories. Fucking Awesome, thanks to the contemporary graphics and irreverent drawings, is considered AS the representation of the urban youth world. The recurring subjects in the lines  show the concept of the alienation in our modern society. An original art that hit celebrities from the worlds of fashion, art, music and design.


Palace Skateboards is a brand for skaters based in London. It was founded in 2010 by Lev Tanju and in 2011 won the prize for best label for skaters of the year. At the beginning Palace Skateboards born from a group of skaters in London and then became one of the most renowned brands in the world. Palace has both a fashion line and a boards line made by designer Fergus Purcell and Will Bankhead. The artistic team of the brands includes Olly Todd, Charlie Young, Rory Milanes, Lucien Clarke and Chewy Cannon. The irony and the style of the brand over the years have become the hallmarks that have made this brand unique. The sporty lines are influenced by the culture of the nineties: suits, hats, tops, jackets, bags and boards. Palace Skateboards over the years has worked with famous brands like Vans and Adidas Originals, becoming the iconic symbol of skaters fashion.