Designer Name: Alberto Pepe
Brand Name: SouthFresh Cloth.thing
Birth Date: the name SouthFresh was born around 2006 when its creator was divided between university and photography
Nationality: Italian
Location: Milan
Starting Point: Arriving in Milan from the South, Alberto found himself shooting for a streetwear magazine, so getting to know more and more this reality, from production to distribution.
Materials: the brand seeks for the best fabrics entrusting the production to artisanal workshop. Recently the creation of their own material and pattern has come to flank the search of graphic fabrics, collaborating with various underground artist. For the SS 15 collection for example they worked alongside Italo-Colombian illustrator Jade “Yeya” Montmoli.
Target: Straightforward and minimal people
Distinguishing features: strictly limited edition
Motto: “Cloth-thing” that’s not jus a figure of speech
Official website: