Photography and video have always been a huge part of my life, to be clear I should say that I started with a small portable camera vhs-c when I was thirteen yrs old. I carried it with me to every country festivals...

I was the nerd of the village walking around with the camera always in hand, but because of the police I had to clear all my tapes.

From then on, thanks to “sponsor me video”, I began to edit with two VCRs to show around my skate tricks and I found sponsors.. we can safely say that my knee exploded with happiness and then, forget it … I immediately lost the sponsors.

Nerd days after nerd days, I ended up making music videos for which I won some awards in the middle of a mediocre scene. What a luck to be Italian, but at least I’m not obese.

Later the music scene ran out of money but not of VIP singers egos that nobody knows, so I quickly escaped towards the advertising, that after all nowadays it’s much more creative and have budgets that sometimes allow you to do nice things.

In future I would like to make some films that no one will ever watch.

I wish a good life to all, and if I won’t greet you on the street it’s because I’m immersed in the vision of images that carry me somewhere else.