ONDE NOSTRE in collaboration with SEEA presents an unforgettable trip to Italy, as California Seeababes Mele Saili and Jenayl Peters experience surfing in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and exploring the culture of Sicily and Tuscany for the first time

A Block10 Production
Starring: Mele Saili and Jeneyl Peters
Directed By Luca Merli
Edited By Gio Barberis
Filmed By Luca Merli and Gio Barberis
16mm By Luca Merli
Styled By Betta Dal Bello
Music “Sapore Di Sale Cover” and “Cappuccio Concetto & Fratelli”
Photos By Chris Corradin
Thanks To:
Gabriele Minelli, Ale Ponzanelli, Enrico Gorrea, Annabel, Lorenzo Stefanini, Hotel Gutowsky Siracusa, Mario Viscardi For Hospitality In Bolgheri, Atelier Vm, Retrosuperfuture, Sunettes, Reliques Of The Sea, Alberto Biani Archivio, Asciugamani Spuma Fun, Andrea Nacci and Casale Del Mare