How long have you been modeling?

Alise & Meghan: We have been modelling full time since we came to London in February at the beginning of this year, but prior to that we worked part-time whilst in high school, in Brisbane, Australia.

Do you prefer to work together or separately?

Meghan: Working together feels super natural and it was a great way to learn how to work in front of the camera, as there was always someone with you, but working alone is always fun as well!! I don’t really have a preference!

Alise: It’s always nice to work together! We started modelling together so it’s been a great way to learn how to model and also how to work with other models! Working apart can be fun too! It’s a nice change every now and then!

What has been your favorite / most memorable moment in fashion?

Meghan: Coming over to London in February and casting for fashion week was pretty memorable!! I had never done anything that crazy before and it was so cool casting for all the designers and meeting all the models!

Alise: Yes, casting for London fashion week was incredible!! It’s been cool seeing photos of us being posted in places like vogue online and that sort of thing! Since modelling full time we have had so many exciting and amazing experiences, it’s so hard to choose one.

What are your hobbies when you’re far from set or catwalks?

Meghan: We grew up on a cattle farm so when I’m at home I love to get outside and ride our horses or play with the animals!! I read a lot as well! Also baking is one of my favourite ways to pass the time!

Alise: I like to read! I don’t have any particular hobbies! But like to go to the gym, when we are at home we explore the farm and ride our horses, play with all our pets and that kind of thing!

Did you ever got mixed up as babies?

Alise: Yes! Our parents had to paint my toenail so they could tell us apart when we were first born!

Meghan: We probably did! I’m sure other family members and friends would have had a tough time telling us apart!

Did you ever intentionally switch role?

Meghan: Not really, although I wish we had of…

Alise: When we were younger we tried to trick our parents, but we never did anything major because we were scared of getting caught.

Did your parents ever dressed you up in the same way?

Meghan: A lot of our family members would buy us matching outfits so we would always be wearing fairly similar clothes, but once we were old enough to dress ourselves our styles became quite different!!

Alise: Never exactly the same! When we were children we would wear the same clothes in different colours sometimes!

How would you describe your style today?

Alise: I have a simple style, I like versatile clothes that can be worn in heaps of different ways and can be dressed up/down! It’s useful when you are living out of a suitcase!

Meghan: My style changes very much with our location, when I’m in Australia I would describe it as pretty beachy, lots of denim shorts and crops, but over here in the cooler climates I tend to stick to fairly basic styling, to keep warm and comfortable!

Who are your role models?

Alise: I have so many! I love models like Magdalena Frackowiak, Gemma Ward, Natasha Poly, Sasha Pivovarova, Hollie May Saker, Kate Moss!!

Meghan: I really admire models such as Magdalena Frackowiak, Sasha Pivovara and Karlie Kloss, who have been in the industry for years!! Outside of the industry I admire so many people, pretty much any strong women are on my list of role models hahah

Are you two an open book for eachother or did you keep secrets from your sister?

Alise: I think we tell each other everything? I tell her everything, so I hope she does that same!

Meghan: There’s no room for secrets!! We are together so much that it would be nearly impossible to keep anything from the other

Did you ever happened to be into the same guy at the same time? If yes, how did it ended up?

Meghan: We went to an all girls boarding school so we didn’t really see boys very often! I think we have shared some celebrity crushes but that’s about it.

Alise: I don’t think we have been actually… We will have to see how that goes if it ever happens!

Describe your sister in three words:

Meghan: Funny, strong and kind

Alise: Quick-witted, caring and funny

Say goodbye with your personal motto:

Alise: “Don’t give up!”

Meghan: “Be the best you can be!”



Thanks to Alise and Meghan Murie from Independent Models Management