Bobo Choses ( – Spain
Ironic, imaginative, joyful…
In a former toy factory in Matarò overlooking the Mediterranean sea is headquartered the childrenswear brand Bobo Choses. Founded in 2008 by designer Adriana Esperalba with the aim of creating a label that could capture children’ magical and passionate world and language, Bobo is characterized by an ironic, imaginative and creative approach to the garments. Produced entirely in Europe using carefully selected fabrics and colors, each collection is developed around a story and characters whose plot is revealed through joyful hand-illustrated prints. For the Spring/Summer season peeps, waves and water melons invite you to dive into the joys of summer.

April Showers ( – France
Refined, bohemian, evocative…
A mix of Nordic spirit and a French touch are at the heart of April Showers brand. Created by the two Dutch sisters Madelon Lanteri-Laura and Natalie Vodegel, since 2007 this clothing line for girls from 4 to 14 has been completed by delicate yet sophisticated accessories collections. Handmade in their Paris studio, the jewelry pieces and the mini bags evoke the cheerful childhood summers, full of colors, sunsets and dreams of faraway worlds. Brightly colored beads, pompoms, seashells or pineapple pin’s gilded in fine gold enhance bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Straw shoulder bags or baskets embroidered with wool and sequins complete the look of April Shower’s little gipsy girls.

Los Trapitos al Sol ( – Italy
Positive, Mediterranean, easy…
They are inspired by the Aeolian and the colors of her native Cartagena, by France and the flowers. Los Trapitos at Sol swimsuits are an explosion of positivity. Established in 2012 by the Colombian born-Milan based Carolina Sanchez, the ultra feminine beachwear label has been completed by Babe a capsule collection for girls that harmoniously dress mothers and daughters. Little dresses and culottes are made in Liberty UK cotton fabrics and are embellished with macramé embroidery handcrafted by skilled artisans in Colombia. A floral and bon ton collection characterized by a color palette that ranges from the tones of the Mediterranean blue to the colonial white offset by yellow banana and the red shades of Filicudi sunsets.