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We’re surrounded by stuff. Objects that we use in everyday life.
Objects we use first thing in the morning, when we get up, when we eat, when we play, talk through. Things that we live every moment.

There are some of them that communicates with us more. Those that create emotions. Those which made us them buying at the first sight, fell in love makes us act, feel good, feel happy, feel sexy. Those which enter our lives making it easier, help us to do better things. This is the first post of a new section, RedMilk Design. A fresh new container telling the story of those objects, places and people seen from Red Milk’s world.

In Qua⫏∃Rno we will tell you about the new design stuff to talk about. The weekly Interieur du Désir will make uplift your mood whilst #RedFinds will feature our finds from online shops around.
Good design is everywhere. Good design is a reflection!

GA Creative Consultants

Federica Guga Fratoni @gugafratoni

Anil Durutan @anildurutan

On Reflection, Material E18, E6, E2 (After J. Brueghel the Elder)
Photographer Ori Gersht, takes extremely high shutter speed pictures of exploding mirrors reflecting the flowers inspired to the floral paintings by Jan Brueghel the Elder
Image credit: CRG Gallery