We have to admit it: no matter how many times we use it daily, the emoji keyboard has always been rather poor

Now we have a set of emoji for sexting and ethnic smiley faces are coming too… but still it’s not enough and we want more!

After all, the emoji with sunglasses sometimes it’s not enough to express how cool we feel!

Finally, thanks to the Memoji app (, developed by former Apple engineer Johnny Lin, we can finally share the whole range of our emotions, in fact, the app will turn your face into an emoji in motion.

From now on we can personally reassure our moms letting them know that we survived a party-hard-weekend just sending our very own smiley face!

No emoji is able to express the “emotional, spiritual, intellectual depth” as our facial expressions!


So it’s time to get the face on it ;) !


Text by Irene Pazzanese