Over a cup of tea and a piece of cake he shares with natalia the story of his career, his love for nature and his thoughts on the other little things in life

If you were to explain what you do for a living to a small a child, what would you tell him or her?
I would say that I tell stories. I live a creative way. I cut hair and I design hair products. I also try to give a good message environmentally.

Environmentally? Are you referring to your organic hair line “Hamadi Organics”?
I started my line because I felt we needed it. If I am gonna put something into this world, I want it to also give something back that I feel proud of. Culturally we don’t pay attention to our environment, we pollute everything! When I was younger I would walk to the beach I would find all these interesting rocks and shells. Now I walk on the beach and I collect all the plastic. For me it’s more than hair products, it’s bringing an awareness.

You product says “Tested on actresses, never on animals.” Who are you testing it on?
That line started as a joke, it just came out in a funny way, but t’s a true story! (we both laugh). The Hammadi Shay Leave In was tested on Heather Graham. The Healing Serum was tested with Linda Evangelista. The Honey Ginger Hair Wash, well, I tested it on myself (we both laugh).

What current project are you excited about?
I’m co-creating products with Sunsilk. I’ve introduced them my philosophies in natural products and I just went to Italy to promote the line. I’m adding a dry shampoo to my line Hammadi Organics and I have photo shoots in LA coming up that are fun.

How did you get interested in hair and natural hair products ?
I started dealing with my own hair growing up because I had to. I had really super curly hair, nobody knew how to cut it, so I started cutting it myself. I’m Californian, and my friends were blond and blue eyed and with straight hair and here I come along (we both laugh). It was so annoying and I tried everything to have straight hair. I would blow it out every night, I did so many things to my hair, and nothing worked: I broke out, my hair would fall out while I dyed it super blond almost bleached out white and nothing really worked for me. I started playing with shea butter, essential oils, avocado oils and things and I kept a journal with my hair recipes. My parents were immigrants, they were always into fresh food. My dad was a chef so he was very picky about what he ate and maybe that was instilled on me at a younger age. I always gravitated towards nature and art.

What’s your type of woman, if you have one?
Confident with a sexy easiness, but not in a cocky arrogant way. Sophia Loren meets Ali McGraw. So you get the cool chick that is super natural and sexy and beautiful with a little of tough glam “don’t fuck with me”. A woman with a natural easiness about her beauty, knowing that she is gorgeous, but it’s not all about that for her. I like a woman that can sit at the front seat of a fashion show, hanging out with Karl Lagerfeld and the next day barefoot at the beach with her girlfriends chilling out. That to me is the ultimate woman.

And in a man?
I think in a man it would be kind of the same. For me a person that feels good in every element, that can walk in any world, with a natural essence, that to me is very sexy, for women and men.

What’s the best quality about you and what’s your biggest flaw?
My best thing is my laugh (we both laugh) and I have no flaws honey! (he laughs self-mockingly). My flaw would be that I am oversensitive. It’s silly, I really shouldn’t, but I just feel we live in a very cruel world sometimes, not all the time. My other flaw is that I am skinny fat (we both laugh).

What is the best quality about people and what is their biggest flaw?
A fearless quality, I love that. I like people that are not afraid to do what they want and go after it and get it. I like someone who is conscious of their environment and the people around them. What I hate is people that constantly take.

If you had to pick one, which one would be the most beautiful woman you’ve ever worked with?
My favorite would be Linda Evangelista. I was so into her when I was a kid and then when I met her I almost pooped in my pants (he starts laughing).

How did you meet her?
I met Linda Evangelista in the early 2000’s when she walked into Louis Licari’s salon in Beverly Hills. I was this kid from L.A. and I was working there. I was just doing hair with my client, she saw me and she told Louis “I want him to blow my hair…” which was WOW.

She chose you!
She chose me. A couple of days later her assistant called the salon: she wanted me to go to her house to do her hair for the Jay Leno Show. I did her hair and she did her own make up. She’s really good at doing her make up and then when it was time to leave the assistant found out that the show was the next day. So she was like “God! What do you wanna do? Let’s just have lunch and go swimming!”. So I spent the whole afternoon at her place and hang out and we went swimming. It was love at first sight and it never ended until this day. I adore her. We’re really good friends.

Which encounter was the most influential in your career?
A threesome: Linda Evangelista, Sharon Stone and Lisa Marie Presley. They all changed the whole game for me. Sharon Stone flew me to Paris to do the cover of Vanity Fair, Linda flew me to London to do the cover of British Vogue  and all of a sudden I was the it-kid. It was crazy. Around that same time I started working with Lisa Marie Presley and all those women were asking for me. I was getting calls from Art &  Commerce asking me for my book “Book? I don’t even have a book!” (we both laugh).

If you were able to give a piece of advice to your fifteen year old self, what would you tell yourself?
Be confident, always, don’t be shy, I can get shy.

What kind of woman was your mom?
Oh, she was the coolest ever. She had such an elegance in the way she was, she was very simple, not judgmental. I couldn’t be as strong as she was. I think of her every single day. My mom passed away last year. I think of her every day, “What would you do?”. She had such a kind a heart, to the point where I felt that maybe people could take advantage of her kind spirit. People take take take. It’s like a flower that is so precious, there’s only one of them and instead of taking care of it and preserving it they squash it and throw it on the ground. She was the most  beautiful person I’ve ever met, and I’ve met a lot of people.