Name of designer: Narguess Hatami.
Her name in persian means “narcissus flower”, when the designer was born her father gave her a big bouquet to the mother
Name of the brand: MIAHATAMI (possessive adjective + surname)
Born: this one published is the first collection of the brand
Nationality: Iranian
Residence: she’s a city dweller for origin and study
Starting point: she started her career in Msgm drived by the mentors Paola Frani and Massimo Giorgetti
Target: multicultural
Specific marks: the special relationship between the designer and art are based on the persian artistic decorations, the technical manufacturing in her works are called “aynekari”, used to create relief mirrors adorning the interior but also majolica mosaics, geometric and colorful, and the windows are fully drawn by the andarouni art,  the most intimate ambience of the traditional housing are reserved for women.
Quote: “Chose and don’t be chosen”