A multi-cultural and inspirational fashion mix designed in London and sold in all the world. Anna is a fresh designer full of joy and proud to do her job, so smart person as so professional, cos when the talent it's natural everything go with the flow

How do you start a day with a smile?
A cycle to the studio with a bit of sunshine in the morning, even if it is winter, would be a perfect mix to start a day

When have you decided to create your own collections?
I have been designing for a few years now, even while working for other brands I was always involved in some
projects or designing capsule collections, however officially I launched the brand in August 2013. From that point I
have decided to pay my full attention and time towards developing my own brand. SS14 was a first season and
definitely with more experience and knowledge the brand is now in its fourth season with AW15/16.

Your family comes from Poland and Russia, now you live in London and you travel often to Italy, I believe
this is a very charming combo which helps you to design the collections, is that right? Can you tell me how
do you find your inspirations?
I was born in Russia and grew up in Poland. During and after studies I have traveled around New York, Paris and
London to gain experience with luxury and high end fashion brands before settling down in London. Italy came to
my map quite recently but I do travel there regularly and it definitely is a very beneficial addition and I do hope to
have a second studio in Italy at some point. I take inspiration from pretty much everywhere, little details, mood
swings, cities and towns. I like subtleties in design and I think I automatically subconsciously look for the same in
my day to day life.

You do like to experiment by matching different fabrics, as I see it, it’s one of the most coolest trend right
now. Your SS15 choices of fabrics and colours are very candy and feminine, whatʼs the idea behind them?
I am a fabrication driven designer and I always pick fabrics, textures and colours before turning to actual designing.
I select those according to the mood I want the new collection to take, which is highly intuitive. For SS15 it felt like
pure, naive, even childlike happiness was necessary and the selection was based on those girly emotions. The
collection at the end is embracing the inner girl that I pictured strolling around flower fields in high summer in
cropped beaded tops, sheer layers and natural linens. It is kind of my own dreamland filled with daisies, flowy skirts
and shiny details.

How does your online shop work? Was it a good idea and way to stay in touch with the new era in fashion?
At the moment the online shop on our website is just offering a few styles a season, but we thought it is important to
have it not to break the dialogue with the consumer. We do hope to generate more traffic there in coming seasons
but everything seems like it is going the right direction.

How do you feel before the fashions weeks? Are you ready for the next season?
AW15.16 will be very busy as we are showing our collection in the showrooms during fashion weeks in London,
Milan and Paris. I feel quite calm at the moment, but maybe it is a mild panic that I have learned to disguise very
well. I feel like the brand has been growing up with me and the AW15.16 is definitely more mature and “womanly”
collection, so I am very excited about the coming season.

Your moody song for this moment?
Sir Sly – Helpless / Bloodlines Pt. II or a girly Pascal Pinon – Somewhere

The latest and the most classic question: Do you have any projects planned for the future?
I am involved in many different initiatives every year. I guess that the most exciting project for me personally is that I
plan to expand the range of products for SS16. I am still being a bit secretive as it is work in progress.


Text by Laura De Matteis