From the cover of The Fashionable Lampoon, launching today in all newsstands, to the digital world. Interconnections and synapses, all meet to multiply the network. Two teams mix and complement themselves, with the idea that 'it is better together than apart - on the web more than ever.'

Candela November meets Chiara Ferragni and Elisabeth von Thurn Und Taxis integrating the interviews with questions and answers in a perfect match between and Redmilk, going back and forth without losing the thread.

In every corner Redmilk loves

redmilk_chiara-ferragni_imgWhat is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I start my day with a smile and some squeezed orange juice! Every day is a good day to be a good day.

If I say a Saturday in Paris. What comes to your mind?
Lunch at a bistrot and then walking around surrounded by so much beauty.

What was the best moment of lampoon cover shooting?
The moment we chose the cover photo, so exciting! It’s a perfect photo for a first issue.

And the not so woow moment?
When I was ready to have lunch but they took already the food away.

Imagine you have superpowers? Wich one will be, and for what you’ll use it for?
I would love to be able to fly. This will make my life so much easier.

Did you ever see a shooting star? What did you wish for?
I actually did. A lot of times. I love it. Well, you are not suppose to tell your wishes! I want them to come true.

Last movie you see?
Palo Alto.

Last book you buy?
Atonement by Ian Mcewan.

Next adventure?
Fashion week month!

A soooo Chiara statement
Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

What would you like people to know about you. Something they don’t know but they should?
I love to learn. I am inspired by everything that surround me. People, places, songs, movies, journeys… I like to take the best of everything as a treasure and I feel I am growing up a litte bit everyday.


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