Études Studio (etudes-studio.com) – France
Conceptual, hybrid, linear…
A clothing line, book series, photography and art direction projects: Études Studio has a multidisciplinary and interesting approach to creativity. Founded in 2012 by Aurélien Arbet, Jérémie Egry, José Lamali and Nicolas Poillot and headquartered in Paris and New York, the collective of four friends develops projects washed in signature cobalt blue and focused on research and the creation of new experiences as reflected by the name chosen. The clothing line mixes garments typical of the male wardrobe and a streetwear feel with a focus on prints designed in-house or in collaboration with artists different from season to season. The Spring/Summer collection entitled MX-ISM is inspired by the visual identity of motocross and by mass-market energy drinks. Clean lines and sporty prints characterize sophisticated tailored garments immersed in shades of blue.

BySju (bysju.com) – UK
Refined, evergreen, nostalgic…
A bowler hat from the 1930s donated by her grandfather in 2010 and the desire to give voice to that one thing she is really passionate about. In 2014 Sju Smatanova established the hat label BySju, an independent brand inspired by the vibrant and colourful soul of London. Entirely handmade by skilled craftsmen in Moravia, the bowler hats are made with natural and high quality materials. Classic in shapes, but with a rock yet contemporary twist the hats of the London Basic collection are inspired by the colours and the names of the seven most iconic streets of London, while the 5 London East designs evoke the exuberance of the east boroughs mixing bold shades and leather inserts.

Andy Wolf (andy-wolf.at) – Austria
Refined, functional, timeless…
Squared or rounded, with a retro twist and ‘70s references, the Andy Wolf’s frames adjust themselves to the people wearing them. Established in 2006, the Austrian brand is designed and managed by Katharina Plattner that season after season creates precious and enduring pieces of handicraft. Entirely handmade by skilled artisans of the Styria region, the glasses are lightweight and comfy thanks to the high quality materials used. With turtle and marble-like acetates or in plain colours, the eyeglasses and sunglasses frames confer a refined yet timeless allure.