Dubié (dubie.com) – Argentina
Discreet, unstructured, minimal…
Deconstructed silhouettes and a delicate minimalism are at the heart of Dubié’s distinctive aesthetic. After studying arts and fashion design at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Agustina Dubié moved to London to continue her studies at Central Saint Martins and to start her professional career alongside Nicholas Kirkwood and Roksanda Ilincic. Back in her Argentina, in 2012 she founded the namesake womenswear label. Monochromatic blocks, pure lines, neatly cuts and a non-finished signature characterize each garment. For the Autumn/Winter collection, this young designer managed to transform the sweat suits creating pieces that mix a minimalistic yet punk and sporty message at the same time.

Hand of Indigo (handsofindigo.com) – UK
Joyful, tribal, authentic…
Rio, Amazonia, Lygia, Sau Paulo and Brasilia: the Hands of Indigo bags are named after the Brazilian cities and culture. Brazilian born, but based in London where she graduated at the Royal College of Art, Yanna Soares is the designer behind this brand founded in 2014. With a tribal flavor, each clutch is handmade by skilled artisans combining colored beads inspired by Brazilian ethnic groups. The finished product is the result of a slow design process that require 20 hours of work and 11,000 tiny beads. In limited edition, they are designed for women who love authenticity and durability.

Experimental, ecofriendly, comfy…
Four young friends, a background in design and a desire to develop a product with a low environmental impact yet a high sensorial effect. With this aim in 2012 Hugo Galindo, Meyrelles Henrique, Luiz Eduardo Rocha and Victor Lanari established the eyewear label Zerezes. Totally handmade, the glasses designed by these Brazilian designers have lenses made in a vegetable-based resin, frames realized from pieces of wood found in the streets and on the stems an engraving specifying the address where the wood has been found. Rounded or squared their sunglasses have a comfortable yet tactile allure.