RedMilk got the chance to meet Swiss based dj and deep house producer Nora En Pure during ADE 2014. The vivid talent whose roots come from South Africa shares with us her thoughts about music, tour lifestyle and fashion

Nora, nice to meet you here in sunny Amsterdam! For our readers can you tell us more about you? Where are you originally from and now based?
Yes, I am from South Africa, Johannesburg, and i moved to Switzerland when i was quite young and now i am based there when i am not traveling.

Do you use to go back to South Africa time to time?
I go back quite often, as much as i can. I really miss my country and feel my origin are still extremely strong even if i am not living there anymore since ages.

When did you started your career?
I started as a DJ to make my own music almost 7 years ago but i used to play many instruments when i was a child together with my brother so music has always been in my life and family.

Are you on tour at the moment?
Yes, it’s a lot of touring right now. Next week i am off to Australia for four dates and then back to Europe. I’ll be traveling to North America instead at the end of November for few weeks. I did few music festival this summer, mainly in Holland, Belgium and Germany. My favorite one was here in Amsterdam and the festival was called Pleinvrees, amazing atmosphere and crowd, i was playing during sunset time.

Do you have a favorite festival where you would love to play?
It has not to be necessarily a festival but any location or venue linked to the sun and sea is a perfect match with my music.

What’s your relation with fashion?
I am not a fashion addicted, i like fashion but i don’t follow any particular designer or trend. I don’t associate to any particular brand but i like for example Diesel a lot and all the surf brands like Billabong. In terms of accessories i love small jewels with wooden details as they remind me of my African origins.

Do you have a lucky charm that you take always with you when you play?
My rings are always with me, i really feel uncomfortable if i don’t have them.

If you could pick an artist to collaborate with, who will be your choice?
I honestly don’t have one that i really love, i change my preferences very quickly so in general i prefer to collaborate with artists with a different genre from mine: this always give an additional value to my music and makes very project more challenging and interesting.

A last quote about ADE 2014 (Ade 2014: highlights):
This edition is even a bit busier than last year, there’s a very good vibe, more positive and ADE is now attracting more people outside our business that is good sign for the club culture. And i love Amsterdam, more when is so sunny and bright!

Thank you Nora, safe flight to Australia!


Words E. Virago – Images of Nora M. Principi