During Paris Fashion Week, Candela Novembre met Emily Marant, niece of the revered Isabel: French it-girl and main creative consultant for Spootnik, the e-commerce with an innovative concept. In a pleasant afternoon spent discovering Emily's favorite places, the girls were split between the search for new and young talented designers and a stop by the vet for a quick check-up of the dog that could become the new style icon

redmilk_emily_imgWhat is the first thing you do as soon as you wake up?
Check my email, jump in the shower while mentally organizing my working day!

And the last before the day ends?
Fiddle on my I-pad to find inspiration.

If I say SPOOTNIK, what comes to your mind?
The first satellite.

If you will have to explain SPOOTNIK to your grandma, what would you tell her?
“Imagine… you open a magazine and can buy whats inside by clicking on the products you like, isn’t that cool?”

Emily gets excited about?
Art projects and watching my dog get crazy.

And which are the things that put Emily down?
When the result is not what I had pictured and bad weather.

What where your dreams as a kid?
Be able to walk barefoot all the time.

And what about the ones now?
Continue to have new and exciting creative projects all around the world.

If you were a song today, instead of a person, which one you’ll be?

And if instead you could be a super hero?
Probably Wonder Woman.

We went around Paris together today and we’ve seen lots from the city.. can you tell me a secret place that we might have skipped but cannot be missed?
A drink on “Les Toits De Paris” (Paris roof).

Emily is really proud of?
Discovering new and emerging talents.

Emily is not proud at all about?

Is there anything that you think people should know about you and they don’t?
I love Petit Bateau knickers.

Feel like sharing?
Less is more.