Howl by Maria Gluck ( – Spain
Essential, pure, eco-friendly…
Her creations sometimes come from the forest sometimes from the future. A Bilbao born –Berlin based designer, Maria Gluck is the mind behind the womenswear label Howl.  Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU in Bilbao, in 2012 she turned to fashion and established her own brand. With an approach more similar to that of an art project or a sculpture, the designer creates garments using mostly sustainable, organic or recycled fabrics. The Autumn/Winter collection is inspired by the theme of birds’ migration from Scandinavia to Extramadura in Spain in search of light. Minimal shapes and elaborated textures characterize a clean collection that gradually changes from black to a total and bright white.

Alighieri ( – UK
Evocative, melancholic, flawed…
Rosh Mahtani’s jewels tell a story of whirlwind adventures, scraggy landscapes and passionate mistakes. After graduating in classical studies at Oxford University and an entire year spent studying Dante, in 2013 Rosh Mahtani launched the jewelry line Alighieri. With no formal training and a real obsession with the idea of imperfection, the designer creates ancestral jewels inspired by the Divine Comedy’s 100 Canti. The Teardrop Collection spoke of a traveller-girl in search of something she lost: handmade necklaces, bracelets and rings, gold plated and sculpted in wax, seem to have roughed a storm and to be marked by a touch of imperfection and melancholy.

Atelier Alisa Besirevic ( – Germany
Relaxed, natural, comfortable…
Her creations are a mix of humour, naturalness and functionality. Born from Bosnian parents, Alisa Besirevic grew up in Germany and soon moved to Paris where she graduated at Esmod. In 2013 she established the label Atelier Alisa Besirevic with the dream to create a whole world of her own including a line of clothing, furniture and household linen and even to make some music. The collection 001 is inspired by albino animals and by all the curious things nature has to offer. The results are backpacks and clutches that blend hides with black and white sheep’s wool in a comfortable yet relaxed twist.