What a blast!

You wake up in your tent, humidity of 99 percent, happy to not smell yourself and you ask yourself is it worth it? Still sticking like glue to your airbed, you take your weary head which seems heavier than yesterday to take a glance out to world. Some guy slept on his tent,instead of inside, having a heart painted across his forehead. Your shoes in front of you look like you been to mud-wars. Waterdrops wipe away tears of joy, breakfast is a sip of cola which used to have gas. The cold piece of pizza seems like heaven but in fact is two days old.You take a step out of your one-week-habitat, which smells like a wet dog, and you raise your hands to the air!

You start to remember how you sneaked in backstage with the Kooks, how you danced to “Hey Ya” with the most joyful people, how thousands of confetti pieces filled the air like stars when Calvin Harris dropped his last beat. You think: This is not the smell of a wet dog, this is the smell of youth! And you would love to turn back time to that moment when Andre 3000 heated up the crowd with a loud “Come on scream, and the Buda-Side… and now the Pest-Side”, when the Kooks started the evening with “Junk of the heart” while the sky was painted orange-blue and when “Darkside” filled up the room with so much smoke that it really was rather dark and gloomy but in an enchanting way.

Even aside the mainstages you discovered great DJ’s playing your favourite tunes, beautiful girls dancing in fancy Bikinis, guys jumping in ripped-off jeans. You discover so many different styles and individuals,that you wonder where these people come from and what they do in their everydaylife. You are happy to be sourrounded by all that impressions. You feel like you are in a bubble, apart from real life.A placewhere bankers scream along to Oldschool HipHop and Nurses party till the morning sun. An Island far far away from doubts and fears.

Finally it’s clear, it’s worth it and there was never a moment you really questioned it.

See you Sziget 2015, the island of freedeom has conquered our hearts!

Text and photos by Nick Harwart