Marianna Cimini ( – Italy
Lively, joyful, Mediterranean…
Marianna Cimini has a contagious enthusiasm reflected in joyful garments with a romantic and Mediterranean twist. Originally from the Amalfi Coast, she moved to Milan to attend the Istituto Marangoni and after stints at Max Mara and Tod’s she founded her eponymous label in 2012. Her collections blend a Southern soul with a minimalist and sportswear attitude playing with new proportions, bright colours and urban prints. The Fall/Winter collection draws inspiration from the process of rediscover ourselves and our femininity after the end of a love story: the area around the heart, protected by graphic patterns or intersect with deep teardrop necklines, is the focus point of pieces with soft lines that embrace the body. Powder pink, lime green and burgundy are offset with a print inspired by Giò Ponti’s incomplete mosaic and characterize a collection with a delicate and comforting allure.

Giva ( – Italy
Understated, sharp, functional…
An intense and genuine passion for art and philosophy are the reasons behind each creation of Giulia Caccia Dominioni. Born in 1991, the young Milanese designer grew up in a family environment related to art and architecture and in 2014 established her own project named Giva. Conceived with the aim to create a dialogue between different disciplines and cultural movements, the handbags label uses fashion as a medium to communicate impulses and discoveries that each season take different forms. The Collection 01 is inspired by the Abstract Expressionism of Barnett Newman. The five volumes in nappa leather and suede have crisp lines and uniform colours that are an allusion to the perfection of the American painter’s works. Black or burgundy and crossed by cornflower blue lines, these limited edition bags are functional and discreet.

Segni di Gi ( – Italy
Delicate, light, graphic…
The aesthetic of Segni di Gi is suspended between a real and a dreamy world, between the concreteness of materials and the lightness of ideas. Each little sign is conceived by the Milanese Ginevra Dondina that after Classical studies attended the Iuav in Venice and the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana in Milan. In 2013 she launched her own jewellery label that season after season explore real or dreamlike universes. Simple shapes and primary structures characterize pieces made of gold wires sometimes embellished with semi-precious stones. The house is the focus point of the new collection, Skyline, città tra le mani: intangible earrings, bracelets and rings culminate with small houses tinged with blue, marble or orange.