500 gr of plain flour, preferably ‘00’ flour *
300 ml of water
salt as required
1/2 tsp of turmeric

1/2 red cabbage
peel of 1 lime
50 gr of pine nuts

1. Pour the flour, salt and turmeric onto a chopping board to create a mound. Form a crater in the middle of the flour mixture and add the water a little at a time. Knead until a smooth ball, without lumps, can be formed. Then, roll out the dough as thinly as possible on a floured board and leave it to rest for a couple of hours.

2. When the dough has rested, using a sharp knife, cut out the tagliatelle by cutting the dough into thin strips lengthways. Dust lightly with a little flour, so that they do not stick together, and set aside..

3. Prepare the sauce by cutting the red cabbage into strips and boiling it for a few minutes, adding a little oil when the coking has finished. Then add the lime peel and the pine nuts, which have previously been toasted.

4. Bring 1.5 litres of salted water to the boil in a saucepan. Put in the tagliatelle and cook them for 4 minutes. Then drain and add them to a frying pan with the sauce. Toss everything for a few minutes and serve.


* If available from an Italian delicatessen, use farina di semola