Michele Ducci and Alessandro Degli Angioli, a.k.a. M+A, were performing on the 29th of June, on one of stages at Glastonbury, the iconic festival held in Somerset last weekend. From Forlì to Worthy Farm, and today, in the pages of RedMilk where they tell us about their inspirations and ideas, and about ‘not ever embracing one another’

These Days. What inspired you for your latest album?
We have tried not to draw inspiration directly from anyone, but we have certainly tried to end all those electronic sounds that accompanied us in previous years. We’ve listened to a lot of bossa nova and jazz, but now everybody says this.

Glastonbury 2014. What effect did it have on you to be chosen to play at one of the most prestigious festivals in the world?
Apart from the fact of playing on one of the main stages, the satisfaction is more for the fact that the event enables you to get noticed by the international press. For us, the most important thing of all, is to manage to reach the eyes and ears of the people we are aiming at.

On the other hand, an Italian festival you’d like to play at?
All the Italian festivals at which we’d like to play can be found in our summer tour dates..

The artists who inspired you when you were starting out, and your models of inspiration today
We listen to a lot of music, trying not to stick to any genre. I regularly cancel an entire library of itunes and start from scratch. We don’t like creating legends and heroes, but if, like all journalists, you are a lover of classic name-dropping, I’ll quote for you here all the groups that are normally put alongside our music: Air, Gorillaz, Phoenix, Beck, Modjo, Cornelius, Jamiroquai, Empire of the sun, Todd Tarje, NAS, Jurassic 5, and so on.

To a greater or a lesser extent, they have remained constant.

Music and fashion: do you find that there is a successful union? What is your style?
In reality it is a union that interests us a lot. We’d really rather do a feature with Chanel than with an international artist. We have just started a collaboration with MSGM, and we are also in contact with the Adidas Y-3 line. Personally, I would really enjoy myself more playing at a fashion show rather than at a festival.

A shortcoming and an attribute from both of you
Not to ever embrace one another.