Attending music festivals in the UK is hard work, especially if you join them with party-hard british chicks. This is our special 24h Lovebox diary from London (yes, we did survive)

11am: Turnham Green – Thinking about all the possible range of accessories to bring to a Festival field while drinking a detox smoothie with spinach, kale, apple, lime and goji seeds. Done.

2pm: The Hoxton Hotel, Old Street (www.hoxtonhotels.com) – Have lunch with a stylist & journalist, a PR, an advertiser, a digital media manager, a banker and a freelance marketer; eat mac ‘n’ cheese; drink 3 bottles of champagne; meet by chance your LA friend (author of www.youcostmorethanme.com) that introduce you to dj Lee Curtiss. Done.

4pm: Victoria Park – No queue when you wear the magic VIP wristband. And in a glance you are inside the festival. Done

4.30pm: Lovebox Festival (loveboxfestival.com) – When you realize that beers & ciders are £5 and spirits £4 your know what you expect from your day.

5.30pm: Red Bull Music Academy stage (redbullmusicacademy.com) – Going to listen to Soul Clap dj set (while your best friend keep calling them Sound Clap). Done.

7pm: Trying to figure out why everyone is crazy about Nando’s peri peri grilled chicken (www.nandos.co.uk). And speaking with Vision Artists (www.visionartistsltd.com) about the best talents in town. Done.

8.30pm: Big Top – Listen to the intimate live of Banks while all your friends are in a disco mood. Done

9pm: VIP Area – Visiting the VIP area after a whole day in Victoria Park and realize that is bigger than the entire festival. Done.

10pm: Main stage – Wishing M.I.A. live show to end as soon as possible (also after her action of inviting the crowd on stage that turn off accidentally the power)

11pm: Victoria Park – Looking for the after party with other 30.000 people. And walk for over 22 minutes because cabs are just a mirage. Done.

11.30pm: The Oval Space – Arriving at the official Lovebox afterparty and entering with guest list for you and your friends. Done.

6am: The Oval Space (ovalspace.co.uk) – Sunrise and being so brave to take a last selfie after having occupied the dancefloor all night long. Done.

#FollowTheLove. Can we do it all again please?