Orphan Bird ( – Sweden
Delicate, futuristic, refined…
Scandinavian aesthetics and Italian craftsmanship cleverly mixed in timeless pieces with a futuristic twist. Founded in 2012, the clothing label Orphan Bird blends the respective cultures of Italian designer, Ciro Supino, and Swedish artist/photographer, Sara Lohman. The cutting-edge Nordic aesthetics define garments with rigorous shapes and refined details that minimize gender differences. The Spring/Summer collection, Empty Blocks, is a hymn to pure geometry: layered pieces characterize coats with oversize collars and beautifully clean shirts and are tinged with soft tones such as white, taupe and mud.

Achilles Ion Gabriel ( – France
Pure, architectural, handcrafted…
Achilles Ion Gabriel considers himself a shoemaker rather than a shoe designer. Finnish-born with Swedish and Russian roots, this young designer founded the namesake brand in 2013 after specializing in footwear. His creations provide a contemporary twist by reinterpreting classic masculine shapes such as the Derby, Chelsea and Combat boot in a futuristic way. Constantly traveling between Paris and Menorca where his handmade shoes are manufactured by skilled artisans, Achilles Ion personally chooses specially selected leathers. Streamlined shapes are combined with architectural details influenced by its rich blend of cultural references. And so the Derby are offset with coloured bands or decorative clasps in an unusual mix of modern sensibility.

Nicomede Talavera ( – UK
Minimal, fresh, refined…
His aesthetic is bold, thought-out, elegantly minimal. Nicomede Talavera trained in menswear at Central Saint Martins, from the Foundation Course to MA. Inspired by the cultural mix of his London neighborhood, Hounslow, and by its Muslim boys, in 2013 he founded his eponymous menswear label appreciated for the monastic style mixed with a streetwear attitude. Since 2011 he has teamed up with Eastpak creating backpacks and shoulder bags inspired by the work of American artist Ellsworth Kelly for the use of organic textures, abstract forms and vivid colors. A two-tone backpack collection designed for men seeking minimalist luxury and simple contrasts.